Become a BizzyKid or Bizzy Adult

Please consider below before applying to the agency

  1. Are you available to travel to auditions/jobs during the day, sometimes at short notice. 
  2. Bizzykidz receive queries from clients from all over England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, however, you must live within easy travelling distance from your closest largest city, or be prepared to travel. Shoot costs are negotiated between the agency & client, with accommodation provided where necessary. You can limit travel distance if preferred. 
  3. Is your child of a happy disposition and comfortable with strangers. Do they enjoy having their photograph taken, and/or would they be happy in front of a television camera.

Our assessment team welcomes applications from newborns up to 70yrs. When applying please select the most appropriate division. 
We like natural snapshots, no makeup, no hats, dummies, no hair up. Refer to the images below to show examples of our requirements;  1 x head shot, 1 x side shot & 1 x full length
Please read through our FAQ  (link to ( page before submitting an application.

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Family applications (with parents and/or 3+ kids) please send 2 group photos to, stating all ages and location.

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