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How do I apply to the agency?

You will need to click the link named APPLICATION FORM. Our application form should be completed in full and then, using the browse facility at the bottom, you will need to attach 2 photographs of your child. You can them click "Submit", which will send the whole application form and photographs to our Applications Department.

Postal applications should be sent to our Applications Department and should include 1 x clear head shot, 1 x clear full length shot, a stamped addressed envelope and a completed application form, which you can print from our website. If you do not have a printer facility, you can provide us with the information required on a letter.

Please note that Bizzykidz cannot be held responsible for any non-delivery of, or damage to postal applications and/or photographs. Likewise, any application that does not include a stamped addressed envelope will not be replied to if the applicant is not suitable for the agency.

What happens next?

All applications that are sent by email will be replied to immediately, as confirmation of their arrival.

All postal and email applications are assessed on a weekly basis. Once the agency has made their decision, the agency will write to you.

If your application is declined, you will receive an explanation and advice on how to proceed when looking for another agency. All photographs will be returned if a stamped addressed envelope was included with the application, or all data removed from our files if sent by email.

If you child is accepted, we will also write to you. All applications will be replied to within 7 days (please allow for delivery if application was sent to us by post)


Guide to Child Modelling

Child Modelling book Debi Clark, Director of Bizzy Agencies Ltd, has comprised The Comprehensive Guide to Child Modelling. This information booklet is extremely informative and covers Child Licences, Regulatory Bodies, Agencies, how to avoid unscrupulous agencies, child income tax, how to apply to an agency correctly, buyout/repeat fees and usage rates, what to expect at an audition/assignment and much, much more. Every question we have ever been asked by a parent is covered in this informative guide and can be obtained immediately by paying on-line for only 3.50. CLICK HERE to obtain your own copy.

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