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Below are a selection of testimonials from children & parents that are currently, or have been registered with Bizzykidz Agency.

Bizzykidz would like to thank everyone for their contributions and wish them many more happy years with our Agency.

Debi Clark


Frank Hull, Essex (parent to Frankie, Aiston, Connor, Kai & Nevaeh, all registered with Bizzykidz)
"The level of commitment to their children by Bizzykidz is amazing. My booker has called me sometimes at weekends with audition details, and they are always very helpful when I have a query. My kids have done heaps of work, John Lewis catwalk show, Virgin Trains, Angelina Ballerina, countless commercials and even film parts, and even now I am still learning! keep up the good work"


Mrs Mcleod, Bedfordshire (parent to Ben & Tom, registered with the agency for 5 years)
"We joined Bizzykidz when they first started out and were a very small company. They have become a huge concern since then, but have always managed to maintain that €˜personal touch' with each and every one of their parents. That would be largely down to the Director working around the clock and speaking to all of her parents directly I expect. Whatever the reason, keep up the good work.  I am just disappointed that my two boys are too old to be with you anymore!"


Danny Pashman, London (teenager, registered with Bizzykidz)
"The thing that impressed me most while with Bizzykidz, was when my mum couldn't take me to an audition, so Bizzykidz sent their chauffeur car to pick up all 5 models from different areas. That was really nice and as it was my first job and I was really worried, they made sure we all got there on time"


Jo Smith, Bedfordshire (parent to Angel, registered with Bizzykidz)
"I have been with 2 other agencies and none were as friendly as Bizzykidz. They are always on hand to give advice and are very helpful with directions, train times and instructions for auditions they go beyond the call of duty, taking the time to explain the ins and outs of the industry when necessary. I would recommend them to anyone!"


Lucy Day. Essex (7 yr old model, registered with Bizzykidz)
"I had a really lovely time at the studio and Diane was really nice too. Can't wait to see my pictures in Angelina Magazine. Can't wait to do my next job!"


Chrissy Towers (mum of Molly, model registerred with Bizzykidz)
"Hi Debi have just downloaded your booklet and wanted to say thanks for lots of very useful information. Molly has her first casting on tuesday which she is very excited about but obviously we as parents were wanting a little bit more information so we could make it as relaxed as possible for her. the information in the book was exactly what we were looking for ,so we are looking forward to Tuesday and are just going to enjoy the experience whatever the outcome. thanks again x "


Mum of Rosaleen, baby registerred with Bizzykidz
"Debi I think the email you sent out about internet chat rooms was really thoughtful - especially the way in which you encouraged worried parents to contact you. That really goes way beyond the scope of your business and I think it reflects so well on you as an organisation. I was really touched by your email. Hoping all is well with you, Best wishes, Rachel "


Malini (parent to Ahana, registered with Bizzykidz)

"Hi Debi

Just downloaded your book and read it- I found it extremely useful, particularly the information about audition itself and how parents should let their children go in alone!"

"Also wanted to say that in general your agency has been really brilliant to deal with- the staff are really friendly and approachable especially Sadie who has been looking after my daughter Ahana"

Thanks again,


Commissioner, Digital Curriculum
Room 2317, BBC White City
201 Wood Lane,
London W12 7TS

"Hi Sadie
Thank you for all your help on this assignment - one of the most helpful parts was the quick response we got when asking if certain babies are available.  There is nothing worse than planning out a shooting schedule only to find at the end of the day that someone can't come.  We have to be quite selective in whom we choose and so it's not easy to substitute babies at a moment's notice.
So ... hopefully when we do it again ... we shall certainly be in touch with you first!"
Angela (Babies R Us)

Guide to Child Modelling

Child Modelling book Debi Clark, Director of Bizzy Agencies Ltd, has comprised The Comprehensive Guide to Child Modelling. This information booklet is extremely informative and covers Child Licences, Regulatory Bodies, Agencies, how to avoid unscrupulous agencies, child income tax, how to apply to an agency correctly, buyout/repeat fees and usage rates, what to expect at an audition/assignment and much, much more. Every question we have ever been asked by a parent is covered in this informative guide and can be obtained immediately by paying on-line for only £3.50. CLICK HERE to obtain your own copy.
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