Agency terms

Bizzykidz clients cover the whole of the UK, we are not a sole representation agency (see clause 31). Our commission rate is 30% for photographic, commercial work & usages, 25% for fittings and 20% for stage & theatre.  We are primarily a commercial agency, all our kids are submitted for all areas of the industry and model work too at no extra charge. All artists should have full access to internet to be with the agency.

Bizzykidz offer different representation options; Child Artists (0-16yrs): Lifetime Membership & Adult Artists (16yrs +): Annual Membership.

Our terms shown below are for all artists represented with the Agency.

Bizzykidz Specialist Section - Successful Bizzykidz child artists aged 5yrs+ are automatically moved to our our specialist section of the agency under the management of our Director, Debi. 

The terms of our contract are set out below and all parents agree to these terms when proceeding and joining the agency.


1) 0-16yr olds - Upon the Agency agreeing to represent the Child and the Parent accepting that offer, the Parent agrees to pay the Company a one off payment of £190 for website / casting directory inclusion. This will cover inclusion on our website, IT work, submissions and administration and is not a representation fee. The fee is paid in installments. All photography and training (age applicable) at the point of joining is free of charge. Parents have 30 days from the date of acceptance to proceed with joining the agency and appointments made will fall outside the 30 day time frame. The agency will not take payment for the website until the day of appointment, adhering to the 30-day rule*

2) Adult Fees (16yrs +) - Upon the Agency agreeing to represent the artist and them accepting that offer, the artist agrees to pay the Company a payment of £80 for website / casting directory inclusion. This will cover inclusion on our website, IT work, submissions and administration and is not a representation fee. The fee is paid at the point of joining and images are to be supplied by the artist. Artists have 30 days from the date of acceptance to proceed with joining the agency. The Parent agrees to not take payment for the website until the day of appointment, adhering to the 30-day rule*. The agency is not responsible for an artist making payment within the 30 days. Once payment is made and the profile is accessed, the artist understands that they cannot be refunded. The contract is for a 2-yr period, after which time they will be contacted by the agency with regards to extending that contract for a further 2-yrs. Adults can use their own portfolio, images must be refreshed yearly.

Once a model has been photographed any payment made up to that point cannot be refunded. Any additional image purchases also cannot be refunded. The agency will refund the final installment if a contract is cancelled within 30 days of payment.

All children are assessed in all cases for all areas of the industry. 

All photography and images supplied at the point of joining are at no extra cost and can be used ONLY for Bizzykidz use. Copyright for extended use can be purchased if necessary.

A child would have been accepted by the agency, based upon their application, when invited in to meet us for assessment. A parent will be fully refunded on the day of the appointment should their child prove difficult to work with, or show clear signs of not enjoying the experience. It is in nobody's interest to proceed with a child who is distressed, or unwilling to co-operate. The agency's decision is final.

All children should come to the agency for an assessment, shoot & meeting and at no extra cost. Those who live further afield that have an issue with location are able to opt to attend an agency appointed studio closer to home. There is no additional charge for either assessment option, so please attend where possible to be fully assessed which helps us when submitting you for work. 

The payment made is for website inclusion, with no additional costs incurred for services provided and photographs supplied. Website inclusion is for up until 16yrs of age. Agency representation is free with no yearly charges made, the applicable cost is for web inclusion which the artist/parent should cover.

2) The parent should:

  1.  Make an appointment with Bizzykidz Head Office, or can decide on one of our closer studios (upon request). 
  2.  Make the Agency aware of any other agency they are currently registered with and ensure their 'other' agency is not sole rep.
  3.  Ensure their child's details are kept up to date for clients 
  4.  Keep the agency informed of all unavailability dates 
  5. Understand that internet access is required to be with the agency
  6. Understand that they need to inform Bizzykidz of any other agency they are registered with and any work achieved at all times.

Following full registration, the Agency will confirm when your profile is complete and supply a password for you to log in. The Parent will log in within 7 days of Agency confirmation to activate this account and check for any errors.  

Bizzykidz are acting as an Employment Agency. We are an Entertainment Agency that offers Commercial work to all our children. In addition to commercial work children are submitted for photographic model work and at no extra cost, although parents can opt out of model work if preferred. We do not charge for Agency representation, which is why there are no annual fees. The charge is for your Agency Directory Listing & website creation. It will also include all administration charges until the child reaches 16yrs and leaves the agency. When an artist reaches 16yrs they are transferred to the Adult section free of charge and for the adult 2-yr time frame; an adult portfolio will be required. Over 16 yr old applicants should apply to the adult section.

3) The Company cannot allow Directory listing costs to be deducted from a artist’s first earning with the Company under normal circumstances. The Agency is not charging a representation fee as that is free; payment is for the work involved in setting up their Talent Directory listing, activation and other related services, i.e. z-cards, licencing, submissions, admin etc and maintaining your listing while registered with the Agency. Appearance in the Directory ensures our clients who access it can see you. Photography, images and assessments when joining are included in the set up cost.

4) The Company will make no further charge to the Parent when joining, exluding any optional photography requested by the parent. 

5) Subject to clauses 11-12 below, the Company agrees to:
a) Include the Child within its Talent Directory and to print and distribute z-cards and header sheets and distribute them to clients when required. It also agrees to offer free representation for both Commercial & Model work where the child is deemed suitable and agrees to only do so unless the parent opts out (photographic).  
b) Keep the Child's details, as supplied by the Parent, up to date and accurate.
c) Contact the Parent, and arrange bookings on the Child's behalf.
d) Pay the child 75% of the fee received from the Client (fittings), 70% of the fee received from the client (commercial, photographic & usages) and 80% of the fee received from the client (theatre & stage). The Company's standard photographic commission rate is 25% of the fee received (excluding travel fees) for fittings, 30% for photographic & commercial work & usages and 20% for theatre & stage work. This fee shall only be applicable once the Client has paid the Company. The Agency is authorized to receive money on behalf of the worker. All VAT inclusive invoices will also be subject to VAT deduction before payment is then made to the worker. Invoices are subject to 30 day payment, although most settle on or within this time, some do not and will pay to their own payrun system.
e) Follow licencing procedures as required by law.  

6) The Company cannot and do not guarantee work for any artist that it represents.

a) The Agency will not be able to take any money from you for 30 days from entering an agreement. The agreement date commences on the date of your initial acceptance by the agency and proceeding is therefore the parent agreeing to our terms. The parent agrees to not make the website payment until 30 days have passed and takes responsibilty for this.

7)  The Parent agrees to keep their child’s profile page up to date with all unavailability dates including examination and holiday dates within their profile and remove them when they have passed, and to check sizes regularly and submit their height regularly on their profile. The agency does not send reminders - web profiles show parents of their child's status at all times and displays an 'expired' sign when images are out of date and need replacing. If a profile expires the artist then has 6 months to update before being permanently removed.

a) The parent understands that the ultimate decision when selecting an artist for an assignment is with the client and not the agency. The parent understands that no complaint can be made to the agency in the event that a client does not select their child for work.

8) Child Membership (0-16yrs) - The Parent agrees to provide up to date photographs of the child (good quality snapshots permissable for under 3-yrs) and as requested by the company and update their own Directory Listing with images and height and other relevant details regularly using their own username and password provided. The parent understands that when photographs are updated on a profile then ALL previous images, if any remain, should be removed. All images are to be replaced at the same time, the agency cannot accept 'partial' updates; thus keeping the profile fully up to date for clients. The parent understands that over 3yr olds should display only professional images on their profiles and should be updated annually by attending one of our studios for a full assessment and photographic sitting, a small charge applies. Under 3's using their own snapshots should remember they must be suitable for the agency to send to their clients and the parent understands that many clients will insist on only high quality images, and/or children who the agency have seen within 12 months when submitting. We are a professional agency and not a website to merely 'post' images of a child on to submit 'blindly' to clients.

Adult Membership - The artist understands that they should update their images annually and can supply their own. The artist is able to renew within 30 days of expiry, after which time they would need to reapply and all profile details will be removed. The contract is for 2-years. Images to be refreshed annually.

9) Upon receipt of confirmation of payment, the Company will send the artist a confirmation and password. The Parent/artist must contact the Company if this confirmation email is not received. Agency terms are again supplied on log in and must be agreed before proceeding to log in. Logging in is therefore in acceptance of these terms.

10) The parent understands that they are responsible for their page being kept up to date and viewable to clients. Should their page expire, the parent then has 6-months to fully update, after which time they will be permanently removed. In exceptional circumstances and with prior notice, the agency can arrange to put a page on hold and extend the deadline. A child's profile being dormant for 6-months with out of date with images should be deemed as not wishing to remain with the agency. Once a profile is removed it cannot be replaced, the model will need to reapply. Basic detais are retained on file for those who have featured in campaigns, for us to refer to for repeat usage payments. Adult artists have 30 days to update if expired.

i) The parent understands also that they are signing to a Talent Agency who also deal with model work. The parent also understands that the Agency operates to a 3 strike rule (point 11.1)

11) The Parent agrees to:
a) Ensure that the Child arrives on time for all bookings.
b) Ensure that the Child is accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times during a booking, unless specifically agreed otherwise by the Company.
c) Limit the amount of people attending the booking with the Child.
d) Ensure that their Child behaves in a polite and professional manner during bookings.
e) Contact the Company immediately in the event of the Child's illness or any other emergency situation that prevents the Child from attending the booking.
f) Ensure the Child attends the booking with clean hair, face, nails and clothing, as per your booking confirmation details.
g) Ensure any job record forms provided by your booker are fully completed on the day and returned to the Agency no more than 3 working days after the booking has taken place.
h) Ensure that they, or their children, do not display poor or rude conduct towards Company staff, other Children, other Parents or Clients. This would include inappropriate correspondence to the agency, or derogatory reference to the agency, agency staff by a parent/child to any third party, in writing or verbally. Breach of this clause will result in immediate removal from the agency system without negotiation. 
i) Ensure that all unavailability dates are entered onto their profile without fail and removed when passed. 
j) Although we are not a sole representation agency we must insist that any 'self' advertising of children on industry websites (KCCP, Casting Networks, Starnow and similar), the child must list Bizzykidz London as their agent and all paid work achieved should be booked through our bookings office as usual.  Any other agencies an artist is registered with should be listed on their profile along with all work achieved with full details. An agency is legally required to supply this information to clients on request and to councils for licencing purposes. Compromising our legal position will be deemed as a breach of terms.
k) The parent agrees to not contact a client directly under any circumstances, or for any reason. Anything agreed between parent and client without the knowledge of the agency will not stand and will be deemed as breach of terms and removal from the agency, without exception.

l) The parent understands that if they are auditioned by a client via Bizzykidz Agency then that job must be handled by Bizzykidz Agency and the parent and/or client cannot liaise directly without agency inclusion. The parent also cannot nominate another agency to handle any resulting booking from that audition, nor can they represent themselves.

m) Not use our images for any other form of promotion, be it private, or via another agency. Any person found to be in violation of this term will be invoiced for £150 copyright purchase; which if not paid within 28 days will result in removal from the agency without negotiation.

n) The parent understands that they cannot upload footage onto their profiles from other agencies, nor make reference to another company within the dialogue. Copyright responsiblity lies with the parent and not the agency.

0) The parent/artitst understands that if they are booked for an assignment, confirms details for that assignment and then does not attend, giving no explanation or no contact made with the agency, the child/artist will be removed from the books with immediate effect. 


Unfortunately this has been forced upon us due to too many people either not turning up, being late or pulling out so near to the casting, or shoot that we can't replace them.

When Bizzykidz takes on a job we are expected to provide ALL the cast that is needed.  The client handpicks the cast based on who has been submitted and we submit based upon the availability you have provided on your profile.  Afterall, if you state you are available, then we expect you to be available.  Certainly once you accept the casting, or job, we don't expect you to then cancel.

It is important that we fill the job to the standards expected by the client.  If we don't, the client is unlikely to use us again, meaning less work for you guys and your fellow Bizzykidz artists - something no one wants.

Therefore, if you don't turn up for a casting; if you are late for a casting; if you pull out of a casting, or shoot late in the day, or your behaviour on set is deemed unacceptable, you'll be given a 'strike'.  If you accumulate three strikes within 1 calendar year, your account will be suspended indefinitely and any monies owed to you by the agency will be offset against any overtime incurred by staff having to try and replace you.  Of course, there are always genuine reasons to pull out of castings, or shoots and of course if you do have a genuine reason, you are unlikely to accumulate three strikes anyway. “It was a last minute holiday, I only booked it today sorry!” is a yawn moment for our bookers and an excuse as old as the hills for not bothering to update your calendar.

Also, cancellations and unprofessionalism means we at Bizzykidz have to work at the last minute/nights/weekends to find replacements for you.  Obviously we don't want to do that, so it's never appreciated when we have to.

Just to reiterate, we don't want to suspend anyone’s profile - but above all, doing a professional job for the client is of the highest importance and this involves our cast being on time and in their full numbers.  Impressing the client brings more work.  Letting our clients down results in less work.

How can I avoid a Strike?

Follow these few rules and you'll be fine....

a)  Log in and add your unavailable dates to your profile.  Remember your details are sent to clients sometimes daily and without your knowledge.  If we submit, you get picked and then can't do the casting, or shootshoot, our clients will find this completely unacceptable.

b)  Check trains, travel, call times and wrap times BEFORE accepting the casting, or job.

c)  Make sure you aren't working BEFORE accepting the casting, or job and check your diary for anything that you've got booked in.

d)  Only GENUINE emergencies should make you cancel after you've confirmed your place on the casting, or shoot. 

Being with an agency should be treated professionally, much like any other job. Consider what your boss would say, or do, if you emailed them to say you simply weren’t turning up today? That is how your work ethic with us should be.

1. Any failure by the Parent to comply with the clauses 7-11 above may result in the Child's details being removed from the Directory and thus being unavailable to clients. In particular item (j) should be adhered to, allowing the agency to act legally and professionally at all times.
2. The Parent understands that should they not update their child’s details within the time stipulated, their account will be deactivated. A notice is shown in the child’s profile to show the status of their account. Should the account fail to be reactivated for a period of 6-months then it will be deleted from our system. Parents are able to reactivate their accounts only when providing full updates and within 6-months of deactivation. Deleted children should reapply to the Agency. Should a parent relocate temporarily, the agency can keep the place for a maximum period of 3 months, after which time it is removed.

3. The parent understands that they must inform the agency of other agencies they are registered to (see point 11 (j) within our terms).

(i) Should a parent not respond to a casting call, or ignore a casting call and are found to attend via another agency without notifying Bizzykidz, or be unavailable without entering the dates on their profile, this will be deemed as breach of terms and failure to comply with this breach will result in a strike against their profile (point 11.1).

(ii) Should a parent respond to texts, or emails as being unavailable for a casting, or assignment, as a matter of courtesy they should provide a reason for us to relay to the client. To maintain our professional standards with clients the agency cannot represent models who refuse castings, or jobs repeatedly. 3 refusals will result in removal from the Agency.

(iii) Should an artist attend a shoot with a client and refuse to partake, or not fulfil the task they are booked for, payment is at the discretion of the client and not the responsibility of the agency.

(iv) Your account details should be ready on your profile for when we need to make payment to you; including account holders name (not bank name!), sort code and 8 digit account number. You can use your own bank to accept payment on behalf of your child if easier. The agency cannot be held responsible for incorrect banking details being entered by the parent and payment being made. Once funds have left our account it is then the responsiblity of the parent/artist to recover the amount from the bank and not the agencies.
Parents should check their details monthly for any height changes. If no height changes occur the height update box should still be completed and submitted to bring their details up-to-date. Clients will know the last date of update from when the profile was last accessed so it is very important that parents do this regularly. Unlike other companies, we do not charge yearly fees for our Directory but will not cover IT expenses to create and activate an account. When 6-months has passed the listing will be deemed as not wanting to continue with the agency and permanently deleted. The Agency cannot be expected to keep children on its files who are out of date and cannot work. The parent would have had ample notice to update regularly prior to listing, following listing, a warning when they access their profile and within our Terms agreed and then when deactivated. We therefore do not send an additional warning, or notice of deletion. Once deleted, the child’s details cannot be replaced and they should reapply to the Agency. 

4. Should a child be confirmed for a casting, or shoot through Bizzykidz Agency and the parent then decides to terminate their agreement with us and then complete that assignment via another agency, the agency will exercise it's right to recover the full commission from any fees earned by that child directly from the parent and in accordance with our Terms. A £50 admin charge will also be charged to the artist.

13. The Company invoices the Client immediately after any assignment having been completed by the Child. The Company does not pay a Child until the Client, which can sometimes take around 3-mths or more, has paid them themselves. The Company will deduct 25% Agency commission from any owed salary to the Child for fittings, 30% for commercial, photographic work, or usage fees, and 20% for stage & theatre with the remaining amount being paid to the Child in full. All payments are sent to Children within 7 days of cleared funds in compliance with the legal requirements. Bizzykidz do not refund any Client (hirer) once a Child has been paid for an assignment completed in accordance with the request given by the Client at the time of booking the Child. On all ‘VAT-inclusive’ or ‘fixed-fee’ work contracted between the agency and client, Bizzykidz, (incl. BBC work) VAT will be deducted on the agency commission from the Artist’s fees and shown on your remittance. On all other work our clients cover the VAT unless they are in a VAT exempt Country. 

14. Poor, or rude conduct displayed by any Parent toward any Client, Child/Parent at a booking, or toward the Agency, or Agency staff member, whether verbally, or in writing would also fall within this 'right to remove' category. Derogatory, or defamatory remarks published, or encouraged by any person would also apply. Representation will be ceased with immediate effect without negotiation. The agencies decision is final and non-negotiable.

15. Should a Parent wish to terminate their agreement with the Agency and subsequently remove their Child from the Directory, the Company must receive written notice (post, or email). 1 month notice is required to terminate the agreement if the artist is still active to allow for client submissions and negotiations to be fulfilled and/or organised. Their Child’s details will be removed at 30 days and confirmation sent to the parent by email.  The parent also understands that working for, starting, running, or having any connection with another agency, aside of their child being registered as a model, this would be deemed as being a complete conflict of interests and they will be removed from the agency with immediate effect.
a) Once a Child's details are deactivated from the system, in accordance with terms as stated, they will be kept for an additional period of 6-months, after which time they will be permanently deleted. The Agency cannot be approached regarding any details relating to a child's file, or reason for removal after this time, as the file would have been deleted with reasonable cause.
b) In the event that a child is removed from the Agency in accordance with clause 10 h, or breach of contract, no notice will be given. It is understood that notice of removal for all other reasons is adequately provided from the point of application, so no notice would be required.

16. Information on all assignments undertaken by any Child with the Company (including venue, Client name, date, fees, requirements etc), are kept for a period of 5 years with the Company. The completion of a child's profile, payment and subsequent registering with the agency would be in acknowledgement and acceptance of these Terms & Conditions by the Parent.

17. No parent should ever contact a client directly regarding a job, or payment for a job whether submitted by the agency or confirmed for work unless prior written permission is granted by the agency. Failure to adhere to this will be deemed as a breach of terms and they will be removed from the agency. 


18. Rates of pay vary from job to job. A guide of Agency rates are found on our website in the Client area. Some clients may negotiate for a reduced rate. You will be notified of available fees at the time of confirmation. Casting fees are charged to the client, when applicable. Parents should note that a child casting fee is not always paid by clients, you will be notified if this is available and how much is to be paid by the client at the point of booking and in writing.

19. If you terminate this contract you will be liable to pay the Agency its current commission rate if you/your child works for a client you/they have been introduced to by the Agency and the work involves advertising or promoting the same company or product as you/your child were booked to promote by the Agency.

Clarification: Any monies, fees or other consideration received by the Artist’s parent, or legal representative in respect of any bookings, engagements, contracts, agreements, publicity, advertising, branding, merchandising, sponsorship and other commercial activities, secured for the Artist or representative as a result of the involvement of the parties to this agreement however tenuous with Bizzykidz, this will be deemed to have originated from Bizzykidz and the appropriate commission will be payable to Bizzykidz by the parties to this agreement. Any future bookings which are either any continuation, or as a result, of any projects founded originally by Bizzykidz, or as any introduction by Bizzykidz would be commissionable by Bizzykidz without exception. 

In addition, Bizzykidz shall be entitled to receive its full commission as detailed herein in perpetuity on the Artist’s earnings derived from any and all work introductions, negotiated, entered into, commenced or performed during the term hereof relating to any of the foregoing however direct or indirect, tenuous and far into the future, that may lead to bookings, engagements, contracts, agreements, publicity, advertising, branding, merchandising, sponsorship and similar activities entered into, and upon any and all extensions, renewals and substations thereof and therefore notwithstanding the prior termination of this Agreement for any reason; which activities may have been discontinued during the term hereof and resumed thereafter. 

Should an applicant be offered work prior to joining, accept and then complete that work, then a £20 administration cost in additon to the usual agency commission rates will apply. The applicant will be offered to have the agency fees deducted from the invoice amount if they wish as an alternative.

6.2 Should the Artist seek to be represented elsewhere, Bizzykidz Agency shall continue to manage all current and pending projects and work opportunities derived from any and all work introductions, negotiated, entered into, commenced or performed during the term of this Agreement. 

i) In the event that additional Usage is paid to the Agency for work carried out by an Artiste who is no longer registered with the Agency, every reasonable effort will be made to contact the Parent to arrange payment for a period of 12-months, after which time the money will be retained by the Company. 

20. Should a client pay an artist on the day of the shoot, or directly, the artist is then liable to pay the appropriate commission to the Agency within 7 days. If the commission is not received then an interest rate per week of 5% will be added to the amount owed. Should the monies need to be recovered in a court of law the agency will reserve its right to add £100 admin charges to such claims.

21. When travel expenses are paid by the client you should return any travel receipts to the agency immediately with your assignment record form, provided by your booker at the time of booking. 

22. Bizzykidz are NOT a sole agency, our artists can sign with another if they wish, but must notify the Agency within their profile. We are a management casting agency. More than 2 agencies can be unworkable, parents should consider this.

23. Always make sure the child knows they are represented by Bizzykidz Agency and the parent has the Agency contact details to hand. 

24. Following auditions the Agency are not always told of the result immediately. If the artist is selected the Agency will contact you immediately. 

25. The Agency cannot record details of every job a particular child is submitted for. The Agency is required by law to record details of ‘achieved’ work for a period of 5 years. 

26. The Parent MUST inform the Agency when a child loses teeth, has a haircut (if severe then an updates sitting will be required), or has a holiday booked throughout the duration of their contract with the Agency. Repeated unavailability for work will not be workable and so result in removal from the Agency. Parents should be aware that our administration pages show if a parent should add unavailability dates ‘after’ refusing work through unavailability and then claim they were added prior to submission. The health declaration field needs to also be completed on the child’s profile to the agency aware of any health implications which can affect work.

27. Auditions for school age children are usually held between 4.00 and 6.00pm, babies are auditioned any time of day. Auditions may last just 10-15 minutes, or could involve a much longer session where they may be asked to perform a part of the required scene, or a screen test may be performed with a recording on video. Older children may be asked to read a part of a script (usually provided prior to audition) with younger children/babies often being asked to play a game, or perform a task to observe their ability to take direction. 

28. Jobs generally take place during working hours and sometimes at weekends. Parents are asked to be relaxed with their children to avoid unnecessary anxiety. The more relaxed a child is, the better they will perform. Parents should not 'involve' themselves with the production, or casting unless requested by the client. 

29. Our accounts department pays settled invoices to its artists every 7 days. We will not pay against an invoice until the client has paid in full and it appears as cleared funds in our bank. Bizzykidz London Ltd (company) accepts no liability if a client defaults in payment, we take all steps available to recover funds owed by a client. 

30. By returning your payment confirmation and activating your account you are accepting these Terms & Conditions. You may terminate by giving us written notice, however we cannot offer refunds of Directory Listings once 7-days cooling off period has passed from the date of activation, or 30 days from the agreement date. 

31. In the event that an artist is confirmed by Bizzykidz for a major campaign and/or feature role, the artist is obligated to be represented by Bizzykidz Agency on a sole representation basis during the time of filming/shooting, airing and for a duration of 12 months thereafter. This is agreed to with confirmation of assignment.

32. All artists appearing on Bizzykidz Agency "The Kidz Channel" are to be contracted on a sole representation basis to Bizzykidz Agency and for a period of 12 months after their appearance.

In line with June 2014 legislation, for any issues, or complaints, an alternative number to our 08455 number is 0207 1181011. 
This Agency operates strictly in accordance with BIS regulations and follows the guidelines set out for agencies that fall under ‘Entertainment Sectors’. 

The Agency aims to secure you work as an actor, background artist, dancer, extra, musician, singer & model  and you agree to pay to be included in a publication, or website. 

Your rights are as follows:

You will have the right during this 30-day period to withdraw from the contract and to cancel your agreement and gain a refund of your final payment, *excluding costs for photography if a child attends a shoot. Should our staff not obtain images for the agency, or the child does not show willingness to co-operate, then a full refund of payment made on the day is offered; excluding any deposit made. When the parent simply changes their mind after having used the services of the agency, for whatever reason, then the studio reserves the right to retain the part payment made for costs of deposit and photography charge on the day. Any additional packages purchased can be refunded but not after having been sent to the customer. Appointments with our studio can be cancelled with 48hrs notice given, in writing (by email), for full refund. We allow 1 move of appointment to allow for illness.

You will have to be shown the information about you, which will be included and you will have seven days to object. Failure to upload correct images does not fall within this term once the profile page has been created. 

If you are charged an upfront fee you will have the right to a refund if no publication is produced (excluding costs for images if obtained) and made available to potential hirers (clients), 60-days after payment has been made.

Should a payment be cancelled after the 30 day cooling off period, the agency reserves the right to recover the amount owed and a £50 administration charge will be added to that cost.

Bizzykidz will provide Booking Terms by email at the point of booking. Bizzy Studios (London) Ltd is not part of Bizzykidz London Ltd, they are separate companies. Bizzykidz agency is not part of the studios which they recommend as being 'appointed' studios; they carry out our assessements and photography on behalf of our agency. The same applies to our appointed studios.

The Agency Test Shoot photographs are given to you in digital format and are supplied by the studio and photographers, not the agency and are therefore non-tangible goods, no refund can be given for the studio sitting should you request a refund although you can exercise your right to cancel an appointment in accordance with the law and within the Terms provided by the Studio. Appointed studios & Head Office studios supply web ready images. Artists have the option of purchasing a Model Card of their images for client use. If a studio sitting is not completed and images not obtained, the offer of a place with the agency is revoked and a refund of any payment made on that day to be refunded immediately.

Studio Deposits: Please refer to the studio cancellation policy before booking.

The agency reserves the right to claim full regular photography rates from a model should they decide not to proceed and then use our images without copyright release for another agency, or promotion purposes.

All image copyright belongs to Bizzykidz in accordance with UK & European law - and to our appointed studios. They cannot be used for ANY publication without permission, or purchase, nor for any other agency. Parents/Artists agree to this in writing on their booking form prior to their sitting and booking an appointment is in acceptance of these Terms supplied. Release is permitted for personal print and personal social media (eg. facebook). Our photographic costs are substantially subsidised and therefore our property unless released, or high res versions are purchased by the parent. 

Our images cannot be used for any form of publication, promotion, or for use with another agency under any circumstances. Should this term be breached, the agency reserves its rights to charge £150 plus VAT for usage of such images. Any person found to breach our copyright and thus our terms will be deactivated.

Making your final and/or full payment and activating your account is in acceptance of these Terms. A refund cannot be granted if outside of the 30 day cooling off period and your profile has been created.

Studio cancellation policy is 48hrs to cancel with full refund, or move. We can only move the appointment the once.

The Company reserves the right to work within these Terms, which may be subject to change with notice. 

Our artists (or legal guardian(s)) are responsible for regularly reviewing our Terms for any updates and/or changes to the Terms.

Our current Client Bookings Terms which are provided to and agreed by the 'Client' when booking a model are available to view within the General Info section of our website.

Data Protection Policy

Bizzykidz London Ltd is committed to operating in a way that complies fully with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. Bizzykidz London Ltd recognises that the personal data legitimately required in order to carry out its business must be collected, processed, stored and disposed of fairly, lawfully and with due regard to confidentiality. Bizzykidz London Ltd fully respects your privacy. 

Bizzykidz London Ltd has a clear internal framework to enable it to meet its obligations in relation to the eight legally enforceable Data Protection Principles laid out in the Act. You can view these principles here.

All Bizzykidz London Ltd workers and employees have responsibilities under the Data Protection Act 1998 and are trained appropriately for their specific roles on complying with the provisions of the Act. Managers are trained to ensure that within their areas their staff and workers are aware of their responsibilities and adhere to the relevant requirements and processes.

The details of Bizzykidz London Ltd’s registration (Reg No. ZA321376) can be accessed on the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

The Artist hereby authorizes the Agent to give on the Artist’s behalf any consent required under Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 or any statutory amendment or re-enactment thereof.

The Artist gives permission for their photo and details of any work obtained to be used freely in reference to all sites that include Bizzykidz Agency; with the understanding that the Artist will be clearly stated as Client of said sites to ensure no misleading information is published about the Artist and their relationship to Bizzykidz Agency. Information is usable for the length of contract and after termination of any contract with the Agent.
The Artist will seek guidance and express consent from the Agent when posting any information regarding work obtained on any social network site to protect any contract with an employer. Any social media notices, advertising and/or images of an arist posted whilst under management of Bizzykidz agency shall be deemed the property of the agency and shall remain without question.

This Agreement is governed by the law, and is subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales. Schedule 2 (Clause 5.5). Types of Contract which shall be signed personally by the Artist;
(i) Contracts for live performances at more than one venue, or extending over more than 4 weeks;
(ii) Contracts involving travel outside the UK;
(iii) Contracts involving horse-riding, sword fighting, driving Or otherwise involving foreseeable risk of injury;
(iv) Contracts involving appearance in the nude (over 18’s only);
(v) Merchandising Agreements;
(vi) Publishing Contracts;
(vii) Recording Contracts.