BizzyKidz HQ

Rochester, Kent

Children under 4yrs to book Mon-Fri only.

This studio also offers optional filming & optional Character Cards, which the agency use to submit to commercial clients. See 'ways to enhance a profile' in the website menu for details.

Details of our Bizzykidz Agency HQ are below for you. This location is where our agency staff are based. Please use the 'book now' button below to make your booking.

We also offer a range of filming options (mon-fri), families & extras inclusion at our agency HQ. See our 'how to enhance a profile' page of the website within the parent info area for full details.

See bottom of this page for info on how to qualify for our 10% booking offer.

If you do not want additional images and only those included in the agency package then select Bronze Package.


Bizzykidz Booking Updates:
Before booking you should try to log into your profile. If you can't log in please message us at with the child's name (exactly as spelt on profile) to check you are still on our system. You have 6 months from the date of expiry to update, after which time the profile is removed. Our staff will check this for you and confirm validation to the studio when booking and refund/cancel any appointment for an artist not registered with the agency.


Head Office Rochester

(best if driving - open 7 days a week)

This is our main HQ offices and where our bookers & director are based and who will conduct your appointment.
This beautiful studio location offers outdoor shoots (available Mar-Oct) in addition to studio shots and is used for client shoots. See details of the venue here:
The local train station does not have a taxi station, use this studio if driving only.
Address: Perry Hill Farm House, Perry Hill, Cliffe, Rochester, Kent. ME3 7TX
T: 0207 1181011 with queries, please book online above
See for location images, directions etc.

The New Faces team will be notified by the booking system when you make your appointment.

To Book
Click the 'Book Now' button below to open our calendar. Select the date first and then the appointment availability times will show below. Ensure you book a 'Bizzykidz Updates' appointment from the list. It is best to book online as it links to your details, if you struggle T 0207 1181011 to book over the phone.

Book Now

Cost of updates will be £70 in total for 4 required (images provided by email).
Payment to be made in 2 installments; £30 deposit & £40 on the sitting day.
There is a £20 surcharge for appointments after 5.15pm on a weekday.

If you are booking any filming options - available Mon-Fri only -  (see how to enhance a profile page), the same deposit applies with the remainder to be paid on the day in reception.

Please note: Booker 4 takes bookings for 4yrs and over only.  

Clothing: Casual and suitable for an agency photoshoot. If you are unsure take a selection and they will help you decide on the day. Avoid large logos and fluorescents.

Hair: Clients like to see what they are working with so hair should be natural (especially long & afro). 

Makeup: Age appropriate please. Minimal, natural is best!

You will receive copy of your new web ready agency images by email within a few days of your shoot. The profile will be updated by the photographer on the day for you.

We have provision for 5 more images on our model profile pages. The studio offer an additional 5 images (optional) for £60 to those wishing to fill their profile pages (silver package). You  can pre-book the silver package to qualify for the discount shown below, order them on the day of your sitting, or use 5 of your own. 

Have a great shoot! We look forward to seeing your new images!