How to enhance a profile


At Bizzykidz HQ we offer a whole array of ways to enhance your child's page and help with promotion to clients. These are ALL optional. Appointed studios are only able to offer update appointments, except for Norwich who also offers filming and a few appointed studios who offer Character Cards (see their studio booking page to confirm if they do).

ALL artists can add video to their profile when logging in (see below)

The easiest way to enhance your profile is to fill up your profile with 9 images and not just the 4 required images.

Video can be added and we highly recommend it as clients request only those with video to be submitted alot of the time. You can upload your own video footage using the facility when you log in to your profile. The more to offer a client then the more variety of work you will suit.

Artists do NOT 'need' to have any extra services to secure client work, these are merely options we offer to 'help' enhance profiles and give them an 'edge' over other agencies. Many children work regularly with usual images and no additional services added.

Image Updates: £70

Includes a full agency assessment & 4 x agency required images. All artists are photographed & assessed by an agency booker and images supplied. All artists are required to update with the agency yearly at any one of our studios across the UK - excluding under 3's who can you use their own images and should observe their expiry date within the image upload section to ensure they are up to date & adults who can use their own professional images.


This is the easiest way to enhance a profile and a self tape is the best to choose (short video of child stating name, dob, saying they are with Bizzykidz Agency and then chatting about hobbies, interests - Younger kids can use any footage of them you like). Many clients ask agencies to submit only kids with video footage for many briefs, so please consider this option.

Over 3's on our Tagmin system please add video links to the 'weblinks' section on the profile.

Under 3's

Upload videos of anything you like; examples below but you can create your own ideas. Anything to show your child and bring your profile to life

1) Informal chat to camera about themselves - audition style (do not read a script, speak naturally)
2) Impersonations
3) Accent examples
4) Singing
5) Dancing
6) Performance footage

Babies and toddlers can be filmed playing, laughing etc.

You can even video tv commercials/campaigns your child appears in and upload those for clients to view. 

There is an annual fee of just £10 to activate the facility and add several links. You can also change your videos as many times as you like during the 12 month period - especially great for the little ones who change rapidly. We advise that you change the video as they change to show clients how they look 'now'. 

All videos will appear on lightboxes sent to clients and if you have a model card will also be linked to that from your profile. It auto plays on your profile too when a client views it.

NOTE: You are able to upload your own video onto your agency profile, which does not have to be professional.  You are unable to upload the video directly to the profile, but instead you wiill need to add it to youtube and then copy and paste the URL for your video into the 'Edit Profile' and then 'Video' page of your account. Of course, a professional film is going to be better! This can be uploaded onto Youtube as 'private' with only those with a link allowed to view it if you prefer.

To upload media to your profile, log into your profile and click the button below 'edit profile' called 'Activate Video/Voiceover Facility’. Then 'edit profile' and go to the video page, paste the url into the box and then save details and return to dashbord to view your video. The video will appear below your details.

If you wish to keep your video private on youtube then when adding it please change the settings to the option where people can view it only if they receive the URL and not the public.

If you are wanting to use this for voiceover, please film the artist reading to camera and upload as video footage and not audio. The client can then hear the voice!Younger ones can consider uploading footage of them crawling, toddling, giggling, or anything fun that they enjoy doing, or fun videos you have captured of them at home.

Flip Book: £30 for life

Under 3's
A brand new interactive portfolio book on your profile, with real turning pages and the ability to upload up to 30 additional photos for clients to view. A great way to extend your portfolio and offer a huge selection of additional styles and looks to clients. You can activate this option when you log into your profile, below the 'activate video' area. Follow the onscreen instructions, upload your images and then return to dashboard and click 'View Flip Book' below your stats to begin turning the pages of your portfolio. These operate automatically for clients giving a whole new interactive feel to your profile, helping it to stand out amongst other submissions. Images should be no larger than approx 1mb in size to upload. You can use the handy downsizing tool found within our helpful information section if yours are too large.

Character Card: £50

A 9 image card displaying an array of different faces and personalities, aimed at commercial clients for TV, Stage, Film work. Much preferred for selection that the typical 'model' shots. Character Card includes shoot and copy of card uploaded to profile and copy emailed. shoot available to book at selected studios. Book this option when you book updates using the page

Bizzykidz Elite: £60

For the serious photographic model. Over 4's only and within 1.5hr travel distance to London.

A separate publication the agency uses, for the more 'editorial' clients. To be seen by these clients more prominently and to upgrade to this you must have 1 x high res digital head shot photograph (colour & copyright free, size 800 x 800) and the photo must have been taken with a couple of months of inclusion so it is current. The photo cannot be changed once included.

To apply directly see

Model Cards: £10

Model cards are digital cards, emailed to clients to print off, forward to 'their' clients and are linked to any video/audio footage on the agency profile.

The Model Card displays a collage of images and is uploaded into slot 3 on the profile. Model Cards can only contain professional photos and are produced by our IT company and attached to our client software and any video footage.

Model Cards cannot be amended, once images expire it is deleted and needs to be replaced.

Please note, model cards are a part of our software system, if you create and upload your own image collage it will not work on our software!

You can order yours by sending payment to  (ensure to supply artists name where prompted when making payment). Then email your receipt to with child's name for us to have it created for you.


Model E-Folio - All ages 

A beautiful video montage featuring up to 20 of your professional photos, set to music. Something wonderful to keep and a perfect way to display more images on your agency profile for clients. You should book this on the day of a shoot you have booked on arrival. Your photographer will be required to take additional images for this service.

Use your own 15-20 professional images - £40 - make payment at ensuring to add artists name followed by EFOLIO where prompted. Then send images via to with a message. 


Families & Extra's: £60


We receive a high volume of family work through our agency bookings department. We now have a family section for those wishing to be involved. 

Families should consist of either a minimum of 3 children, or if an adult is included then 1 child is fine. Families can be all ages and locations.

Cost £60 per year

You will need to provide 1 family photograph (professional). Our Head Office in Rochester will provide that at no extra cost if you do not have one.

Call 0207 1181011 to book an appointment, or make payment at to register your family if you have a suitable up to date photo. Don't forget to add the family name in the details when making payment. Send copy of your Paypal receipt along with your professional image, all family members names, dob's & contact details to, and put FAMILY in the subject bar once payment is made.

Extras - Over 16's only

Ever fancied being an extra, or background artist? No experience, or assessment required & we need 'normal' people. You will be submitted in your own right as an artist & those who have a child registered with Bizzykidz will be submitted alongside them as a parent for parent/child work; clients also often pair an extra up to be parent of another child.

Yearly charge of £60 applicable for website inclusion.

How to get involved?

Minimum of 2 professional photographs required (head shot, full length). 

When you have your own professional photos ready.

Go to to register your inclusion and make payment. You can also T 0207 1181011.

You will be linked to your child on our system automatically. Once you receive your Paypal receipt (sent to the email used to make the payment!), please email copy of that and the 2 photos to with EXTRAS written in the subject bar. If you pay over the phone an email address will be given to you to send your images.

Do you need a professional photoshoot?

Appointed studios do not accommodate our adults for shoots, sorry! You will need to provide your own professional photos, but if you come to Bizzykidz HQ at Rochester we will photograph you at no extra cost.

Call 0207 1181011 to make a booking, £40 deposit required and £20 on the day. This payment covers cost of Extra's inclusion with the agency, no extra charge for your 2 photos.

Note: We can only offer free images for those coming to our agency Head Office studio in Rochester. You should provide own professoinal images if you cannot get to us. Appointed studios do not offer this free image service and they do not photograph adults for the agency.


Bizzykidz are a Spotlight Agency. 

Spotlight is the bible for many producers/casting directors when selecting talent and is an optional extra for 4yrs+ looking to further their career in TV, Film, Commercials, or Stage.

Bizzykidz deals with many clients directly and by other methods. However, a selection of clients will only use Spotlight and insist only those listed on Spotlight be submitted for selection. This is another way of promoting your child and them not missing out on some of the briefs which they deal with exclusively. 

More information on how to join Spotlight please complete the form provided on the link below.

Once registered with Spotlight, email for your Spotlight Pin Code and access. Your details will then appear on our Spotlight agency account for clients to view and for us to begin submitting immediately.

Spotlight Images

You will need a Spotlight approved image, which we can convert for you to their specification. This must also be high res and to Spotlight resolution. We offer a spotlight image package at Bizzy HQ for £50 (includes 2 x spotlight approved images. Our studio can convert yours for you; £20 admin charge applicable using (ensure to supply artists name where prompted when making payment). Then email your receipt to