How to update a profile


Lifetime Child Members

0-3mths - Monthly (snapshots allowed)

3-18mths - 3-monthly (snapshots allowed)

18mths-3yrs - 6 monthly (snapshots allowed)

Over 3’s - Yearly professional images taken by the agency, but more frequently if they change!

Yearly Child Members should update using the above frequency, with over 3yrs using the guidelines provided when joining.

Adults - Yearly - 9 professional images of your own choice

Height & Clothing Size - check monthly to be fully up to date. Clients see the date you last updated, so submit the same height if no change!

Don't forget that although over 3's are required to be updated annually, you must update images if your child no longer looks the same, should be changed more often. 'Old' images of 3-5yr olds are more often than not rejected by clients.
Yearly members only under 3's need to update images.

All children to be photographed in either a black, or white outfit.

Bizzykidz T-Shirts (to also wear to auditions) are available to purchase online at


The agency does not insist on professional photographs on their website for under 3’s. Snapshots are fine, but must look professional. They MUST be of an adequate standard to be viewed by our clients, or cannot be used. Bizzykidz 3-yr olds+ must attend a Bizzykidz Studio for updates and assesment once a year (excluding yearly members & adults). They must be changed with professional images when the child changes in appearance and maturity, or cannot be submitted for work when too old.

A Bizzykidz update sitting can be booked at

It is the parents responsibility to ensure the images are of a high enough standard to send to our clients and to ensure the profile is kept up to date. The agency has a duty of care to the company and will only submit those to a client that they feel are suitable for their needs and to represent us as an agency.

This instruction page has been created by a team of professional photographers and agency bookers to act as a guide for parents to help them achieve satisfactory photos for our clients. We trust that you find it informative. Rule of thumb is 'would you send this image to Burberry?' If in doubt...take it out! If you log into your profile and there are no images the it is likely the booker removed out of view to clients, so try again.

We hope you enjoy trying out the methods below and achieve the photos that would be suitable for your updates, however, if you do not have access to a camera, or cannot achieve what you think we need, then you may prefer to book a professional update sitting with our in-house studio instead. 

Please ensure all images are taken on a clear background, with no hats / dummies / dirty faces / other people in shot. We are unable to submit to clients images of children naked, strapped into car seats, with food around their mouths, with dummies or looking sad etc and cannot display images showing other people not registered with the agency for many reasons. And most importantly, make sure you have ample lighting (daylight, or use a flash). A nice plain wall, clear of other objects and people, a great smile and a clean face is all that's needed!

Happy snapping! If you are unsure then book a professional shoot with one of our studios.


Home Snaps tips

also see


You need a minimum of 2 x smiley head shots (slots 1 and 2) and 2 x full length (slots 3 and 4) showing body frame & size. We have facility for 9 images on your profile, the remaining slots can be any equally suitable images, but any pose.

Baby home snap tips

1) Place a chair infront of a plain white, or light coloured/blank wall.
2) Turn it sideways facing to the left of right
3) Sit holding baby sideways on to the camera and pop baby on your lap
4) Turn baby to face the camera, using your hand to support baby's neck and back from behind. Lean back, thus keeping yourself and your hands out of sight of the camera, creatinig an effect that baby is sitting up on their own.
5) Now have your 'photographer' just snap away! Babies will not generally smile on demand so you may have to encourage smiling and take plenty of shots to catch that perfect smile.
6) The agency will check your images after upload and help choose the best to use for promoting your baby.

7) Full length - At this age they are best photographed on a blanket, on the floor and on their side, or tummy. Get down to their level and make it fun time to get lots of smiles

Toddlers & Older

Shot 1 & 2

Headshot, looking at camera, standing against a plain, light coloured background (wall, blanket).

To avoid creating a 'passport' type shot, have them tilt their head just slightly on an angle, smiling and eyes bright and wide.

Avoid the folding of arms as that encourages shoulders to hunch up and can look uncomfortable, cute shots are best! Hair and head should be clear (no hats!), hair natural so show length and shot 1 must be in colour.

Shot 3 & 4

Full length, sitting or standing

These can prove more difficult to take with toddlers, given that they may have only recently 'found their feet' and allowing for the terrible two's! The best suggestions for this is to first stand them in-front of a plain background area and then pose yourself to get them to copy you as a game while someone else snaps away.

If you find this difficult put some music on and encourage them to dance. These shots always look rather cute and more natural.

For a perfect and natural sitting shot sit them on a blanket and photograph them while they are playing. Ensure to use images where they are looking up or at the camera.

We have facility for 9 images on your profile, the remaining slots can be any equally suitable images, but different pose.



Here are a few reminders to help your profiles look their best for clients.

1) If you have professional images on your profile try to not deface the quality by adding poor quality snapshots into the other slots. It is better to have nothing in the last slots than poor shots. Clients do like to see a mixture of snaps and pro images but try to keep them to a standard

2) Please read your experience & hobbies field. Ensure you don’t have ‘no experience’, or similar, written within those fields - if so remove it to help with promotion. Do not write anything negative.

3) It is vitally important that you do not have a website address written in your experience or hobbies field. Reference to any website with www. Or .com etc. will prevent a profile uploading into our light-box software to send to clients. We cannot be held responsible for a child not being submitted to a client if the parent does not remove these.

4) As and when your child loses teeth and they grow back, please put this info in the health/allergies/teeth field in your profile. Likwise, the same applies to braces.

5) Add dates you cannot make a casting, or shoot to your calendar in section 2 of your profile. We may negotiate on your behalf with a client for weeks behind the scenes so need your availablity to be accurate.

6) Check that reference to your skills and experiences is up to date re grades and level of achievement for clients. Also remember to add any new jobs you take part in (do not list auditions and do not put ‘have attended auditions’ in your info fields- this can be interpreted as a negative if they weren't booked.)

7) Check and update your sizes monthly and always enter in centimeters not inches.

8) If there is a sign on your profile saying info is out of date it will mean your images have expired, so please update. Under 3's upload new images, over 3's book your updates appt.

If you cannot log in and it says details have expired then you will be in a holding area away from client and bookers eyes and for a 6 month period before being removed. Message the agency using the contact form to request it is opened (provided within 6 month date from expiry).

Please book updates in advance of images expiring to remain active. Our HQ can sometimes have a 3-4 week wait for weekend slots! (under 4yr olds must book weekdays).

You can book updates online anytime using the 'book updates' page within the menu of our website.


Image Upload Issues

If your page says you are unable to upload images, please ensure you have entered height, sos number & council name to allow upload.  

When images are too large they will appear sideways. Scroll to the top of your page and click the image thumbnail to rotate.

If the page appears to freeze and not upload the images, then they are probably too large and your internet speed may affect upload. Each image should be smaller than 1mb so you will need to downsize them first.

You can downsize photos at

A quick guide tutorial to uploading images

1) Save images to your device you are going to upload from
2) Log in to your profile & click edit profile
3) Go to section 4  labelled at the top ‘image upload’ & scroll down to see image 1, image 2 etc 
4) Click ‘choose file’ under each one….doing shots 1,2,3,4 first as per instruction on the page and deleting any others already on the page which you are not replacing.
5) Once you have grabbed each image from your device (like the application form you completed) you click the update details sign at bottom of the page
6) Log out and in again and you will see what we see

If you have images, sizes and a council on the page, then you are fully activated for client view. Your expiry date for the images is showing in section 6 at all times to remind you when to update again. It is the parents responsiblity to keep check on this and update when necessary.

Over 4-yr olds will find the 1st few slots locked as they have to house agency images. Our studios supply the parent with images to upload and they should then message us on the contact page with the name of the studio they attended and request it is opened tfor updating.

If you struggle to log in please see the 'helpful information' page within the website menu.