Is my child right for this

Experience is not necessarily essential; however, certain attributes are required of particular age groups and should be considered by the parent when thinking of applying to join any agency. Bizzykidz receives work every day for all types of children, as clients generally look for 'normal' children.

Below is a comprehensive guide of that which an agency will be looking for in a child when carrying out their assessment for commercial & photographic suitablity. If you feel that your child is suitable, following our guidelines, then you are invited to apply to Bizzykidz following the instructions via our link entitled 'Apply' from our home page.

We do offer a Mini Model Session for those wanting to test their child prior to applying - see below.

Babies & Toddlers

Children of this age group should be comfortable with strangers, adults and other children, should be of a happy disposition, cute and appealing. No particular 'look' is required, however, it is essential that they are happy to be in a strange environment and enjoy being the centre of attention


Children should be confident with strangers, adults and other children. They must have great personalities with plenty of character and should appeal to our clients, although no particular 'look' is required.


Teenagers should be confident, enjoy being infront of camera and be able to take direction. We receive work for all types of teenagers and again, there is no particular 'look' required for this age group. We welcome applications from those with drama/theatre training, however, that is not a necessary criteria when considering any application.

NB. All successful applicants to the agency will be assessed for suitability for either modelling, or commercial assignments, or both. A child can be represented by Bizzykidz for just one or the other, or both. The decision will be made by the agency, following assessment.

Mini Test Sessions

Unsure if your child will be good for this industry? Undecided whether, or not they will perform in a studio environment like they do at home? Want to try them first?

15 min appt, including 1 x high res digital image - £40

Available only at our Rochester Studio

CLICK HERE to arrange your Mini Test Session with our agency bookers.