All kids from newborn up to leaving full time education require a licence to work 

Any child born prior to 01/09/2001 will no longer come under the child performance regulations and does not need a performance licence. 

Please download the documents as shown below and once compelted and signed they are to be uploaded into your profile in the 'Licensing' area. Please do not contact councils under any circumstances, only the clients and agency should do this unless otherwise instructed by us.

Haringey, Herefordshire & Birmingham councils offer open licences and if you fall under their area you need to apply for one now. Children with open licences are in high demand so you need to deal with this asap. Email for application form and details. 

All other councils please download your docs below and once completed upload to your profile.

You can check to find your council at

See further below for a helpful App to scan and email documents if required. Please do NOT email us large documents, our emails will not receive content larger than 4mb. See our 'helpful information' page for instruction to downsize large attachments.

Licence Instructions

1) Obtain your Licence Application Forms at - complete, sign and date where it says parent (not where it says applicant, that is the client!). If you do not have a printer then sign online using

2) School letter only needed if in full time education and shoot is on a school day and you do NOT need this until booked and it is requested by the agency.

3) Take a photo, or copy of birth certificate, or valid passport

4) Log into your profile. Ensure your council and emergency numbers are showing in the parent area and then upload the licence docs into section 7 named  'Licensing'.


All pages must be uploaded as one document and in PDF format

a) Convert jpg to pdf at: or convert word doc to pdf at:

b) To merge multiple pdf pages to one pdf visit: - choose your pages one at a time using 'choose file', then click join below it and they will merge and save to your device. That one file you need to upload into slot 1 on your licence page.

5) Click the gold button to update all details and wait until the page is refreshed (will depend on your internet speed).

See below for an easy way to scan images of documents using a mobile device if required. These will save as jpg usually so use the tool above to then convert to PDF for upload.

If you have slow internet speed you may struggle with upload of docs to your profile if they are very large. See for instruction on how to downsize.

No printer?

If you don't have a printer use to sign documents online


The easy way to scan documents using your mobile device

Tutorial available at

The principal is the same for all mobile devices

Download Apps Below