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Before booking you should try to log into your profile. If you can't log in please message us at with the child's name (exactly as spelt on profile) to check you are still on our system. The studio will not be able to verify you, or continue with the appointment if you are deactivated and have not notified us. You have 6 months from the date of expiry to update, after which time the profile is removed. Our staff will check this for you and confirm validation to the studio.

We do ask that you please try to book with our Bizzykidz Head Office in Rochester where possible. That is where the agency director is based and your child will be photographed and assessed by the booker that will be submitting them whilst with the agency. 

Once you have your images please message us at to notify us to activate.

Appointed studios photograph under 16’s, they do not do adult portfolios for the agency All adult portfolios to book with Bizzykidz HQ only.

Our images cannot be used for any form of publication, promotion, or for use with another agency under any circumstances. Only to be used for personal Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

Copyright belongs to Bizzykidz Agency without exception.


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