New parents

You can live chat with our friendly staff with any query using our live chat on our contact page.

New Faces will most likely have lots of questions to ask.

To help free up our staff we hope you will find this page informative and find that it covers all your queries. Please do ask the agency if you have any other questions and have a read of the links in the menu of this page as there is lots of info available. Just remember that what you can see, we can see and so can the client. If you can see images on the page then you have uploaded them and do not need to check we can see them. If your expiry date in the image updates section is showing correctly then the page is ready!

If you need to contact us regarding an issue with your profile please supply your password and email with any communication.

1) Complete profile data and upload Images

Firstly, you should log into your profile, complete all the blank fields (height, council, address, sos number, etc) then you will be able to upload all your images. Don't forget OUR agency images are to go into the first 4 slots at this point if you have attended one of our studios. Those using their own images (Virtual assessment option & yearly contracts), should place images in the slots as stated on the image slots (headshot, full length etc). 

If you are unsure of your council name, go to: 

and enter your postcode to find which issues your licence and then add this to your profile by selecting that council name where it asks for 'council'. This is also vital information required by clients when selecting artists.

NOTE: in order to upload images into slots 1-4 you must upload them all at the same time (you cannot change only 1) but first ensure you have selected your council and have also added an emergency number in the parent section or they will not upload! If you struggle try another browser, firefox is best, chrome is not so good with images.

You are able to upload any of your own into the last 5 slots (over 3's must display only high quality images at all times) if you wish and you can also activate the Flip Book facility for an additional 30 photos.

There is a health, allergies and teeth field. It is vital that this is completed and where teeth are missing please list them and amend as they grow through or more fall out. This is also where you add illnesses with dates and remove them when recovered.

2) Add Licence documents to your profile

All children from ages newborn up to school leaving age require a licence to work in the UK and this is handled by the client and agency. Please read the licence page at and upload the documents as per instruction. This must be done at the point of joining and only needs to be done the once. Do NOT contact the council, that is the job of the agency and/or client. We only need the documents requested by us using the above link.

Only administration can view your paperwork and nobody else!

Is my profile ready, activated and viewable to clients?

Once you have completed all fields, have licence documents uploaded (under 16's) and your images are showing, then your profile is automatically viewable for bookers and clients to see for work. You can also check it is correct by looking at your expiry date in the upload images section of your profile.. Remember, what you can see, we can see!  

Issues with saving details?

Remember to adhere to all the above and you should have no problems. If you have added all of the info in the pages first and still not saving, or cannot upload images and the other details have been inputted, then there is likely to be a user issue.

1) Ensure you click the gold button 'update all details' and wait to allow the page to refresh in its own time - depending on your internet speed.

2) If you are using Google Chrome, we suggest using Firefox instead. A free download is available on a google search.

3) Clear your cache/browser history

5) If all of the above has been followed and you still experience issues, email with artists name, password and nature of your issue.

Please remember to provide us with your password in the event you are emailing us with admin issues. We can then log in as you to see what the issue is. Please also remember to refer to the artist by their first and last name as on the profile so we can locate them easily (no nicknames, or middle names).



There is a handy notice on the front of your profile at log in, to show how many times your profile has been viewed by clients that day (updated at 11.30pm daily).

Remember we can't submit an artist to a client when out of date with sizes, or photographs. The parent/artist is responsible for keeping these up to date.

You may also wish to add an optional model card to your profile, details can be found within the how to enhance a profile section of our menu.

You will also need to upload documents for licencing (see below licence section and our licence page in the menu).

Before you click 'edit profile' you will notice a button called 'JOB RECORD' in your dashboard. That is for you to complete after each assignment, so we know how many hours worked and can then invoice the client.

All images taken by Bizzykidz HQ and our appointed studios are copyright protected and cannot be used for any purpose other than personal (e.g. personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & personal print if high res versions are purchased).

In order to use our images for any other use, including other agency use, you will need to purchase a copyright licence and until purchased they cannot be used under any circumstances.

You can purchase a coypright licence HERE

Contact Email Addresses

Parent queries: Use the message form, or Live Chat facility at 

Any work related matters:

HQ Studio appointment queries only:

To share images from auditions and client shoots, or from our studios send with message to:

If you wish to share anything Bizzykidz related on your social media please tag us in for a retweet/share: @bizzykidzagency 

Skype - Important

Please add a Skype email address and Skype Name into the SKYPE field on your profile. Should we have difficulty in contacting you for castings/work info our bookings dept will use that option. If you do not have a skype account we advise you open one at for this line of communication. Clients are increasingly using this for last minute, or more convenient Skype Auditions too.

You will recognise our SKYPE contact as 'bizzykidz when we contact you using this method.

There is also an option to travel if you wish, or prefer not to travel for work, which we ask you to complete.

Images Reminder

Under 3yr olds can update with their own photos. 3yrs+ must refresh yearly with professional shots taken at our Bizzykidz HQ studio (HQ or appointed studio). This is also where the agency annual assessment will also take place. Please note that the parent is responsible for the quality and type of their own images they upload to the profile. Our bookers will use discretion to submit to clients based on their working knowledge of what they will accept, so please choose images wisely when adding your own!

How to enhance a profile

Clients are increasingly requesting submissions from models with video footage, or model cards. These are the easiest way to enhance a profile and a self tape is the best to choose (short video of Model stating name, dob, saying they are with Bizzykidz Agency and then chatting about hobbies, interests - Younger kids can use any footage of them you like).

If you wish to upload video to your profile use the Activate Video/Voiceover facility button on the front page of your profile and follow the step by step instructions. If you would like to order a Model Card, see the Submitting For Work page HERE to order yours.


How do I know when my child is being submitted for work?

We submit by various methods (see lightbox/model cards page). We do not notify parents when submitted to clients unless by lightbox method. As much as we would love to, we are far too bizzy! If you do receive a lightbox notification then your next question will be 'when will I hear?'. The answer to that is simply as soon as we do. We submit children as efficiently and quickly as we can, against other agencies with the intention that the client will choose our agency over another. As soon as we hear anything from the client we will text you initially to confirm availability. Once confirmed we then email you all details and information re client, fees, directions etc.

You can check a profile on log in to see how many times it has been viewed that day. What you see, the clients see, so provided you have up to date images, sizes and council on your profile you can be viewed. Just make sure it is all up to date and all other info is completed; this will help increase chances of selection. And don't forget to upload your licence documents.

The bookers contact you by mobile initially using our automated text service. 

i) We have great 'Job Alerts' section, accessible from within your profile. Here you can submit yourself for jobs that are posted in addition to our bookers. This eliminates room for human error, or can be used when you notice you have not accurately updated your profile and think we may have overlooked you.


Remember this is a very competitive industry and there alot of other children out there! When a client receives a child's details from us they will be compared to others for a final decision. We therefore ask you check height and other sizes every few months (monthly for younger kids) and even if no change please submit the sizes again. That will date the updates so clients can see when they were last checked. This will put you in good stead against another child and could ultimately sway a decision! It could also determine whether or not a client will view your details.

Images should be updated as below:

0-3mth olds - monthly    /    3-18mth olds - 3-monthly    /    18mths-3yrs - 6-monthly    /   3yrs+ - annually at one of our agency studios

You can book image updates at by using the gold book updates button

5) Unavailability dates

Within the section 2, named 'Model details', you will find a calendar link for your unavailabilty dates. It is found just below the sizes. Please add dates that both the child and you are unavailable to make castings/shoots. This is vital as the  agency may negotiate for many days even weeks for a shoot and can be very embarrassing if we then call you and you tell us you are unavailable.

1) click the green bar under the calendar named ‘click here to update unavailability dates’

2) enter one word in unavailability description e.g. holiday, casting, filming, illness, hospital etc…then add the start and end date. If it is one day then the start and end date will be the same. The calendar cannot store half dates, the choice is whole date, or available.

3) don’t forget to click the green sign to ‘update dates’ once completed

4) If you want to add another date after updating the dates you will need to refresh the page, or log out and in again.

5) The bookers will add dates for any pencilled and confirmed dates in admin as necessary.


6) Job Alerts

Our Job Alert system is located on the front end in the dashboard within your profile. This is where, in addition to our conventional submitting methods, you are able to submit your child for client assignments. Our bookers will still be submitting in the usual way, however, this allows us to post jobs for skills we do not know a child has, prevent anyone being overlooked by mistake (we are all human!) and should a parent be marked as on holiday and happened to be local to the shoot happening then they can apply for it themselves. Clicking the gold 'Job Alerts' button will take you to jobs you can apply for with the click of a button. The head booker is notified immediately to then release it to the client. If we have already submitted you for that brief it will flash up on our system when you apply to avoid duplicate submissions to the same client. When we add a job to the profiles, an alert will post to twitter and facebook immediately to alert parents to log in and check the latest job selection.

And finally...

Please view the sub pages within this section for an update chart, how to enhance a child's profile, info on how a child is submitted for work and all other questions.

Don't forget to use our Live Chat facility to chat to staff on the contact page of the agency main website  

We love chatting to parents on the phone, but when lines are engaged clients can't get through, so it is really appreciated if Live Chat, or the message form is used where possible please