New parents

You can live chat with our staff with any query using our live chat on any of these pages.

If you have just joined the agency, you will most likely have lots of questions to ask.

To help free up our staff we hope you will find our Parent Info pages informative and find they covers all your queries while with the agency. 

Please remember to provide us with your password in the event you are emailing us with admin difficulties. We can then log in as you to see what the issue is. Please also remember to refer to your child by their first and last name as on the profile so we can locate them easily (no nicknames, or middle names please).

Your images are on your profile, what now?

Firstly, you should log into your profile, complete all the blank fields (height, council, address, sos number, etc) then you will be able to upload all your images. Don't forget OUR AGENCY images are to go into the first 4 slots. You are able to upload any of your own into the last 5 slots if you wish.

Don't forget that although ovr 3's are required to be updated annually, you must update images if your child no longer looks the same, should be changed more often. 'Old' images of 3-5yr olds are more often than not rejected by clients.

You may wish to add an optional model card to your profile, details can be found within the Submitting To Clients page in the menu.

Please read the LICENCES section below, this is very important!


Go to and enter your postcode to find the name of your council who issues your licence and then select that council name on your profile where it asks for 'council'.


All children require a licence to work and this is handled by the client and agency. Your licence forms need to be uploaded to your profile to be available at all times by the agency. You can download the form and view instruction from within the Licencing page of our website at Please read the details of that page and follow the instructions.

If you live under Haringey council, then you will qualify for an open licence (which is in high demand). You do not need to do the above, but instead please email, mention which council you live under and request an open licence application form. They will then send full instruction and a form for you.


All images taken by Bizzykidz HQ and our appointed studios are copyright protected and cannot be used for any purpose other than personal (e.g. personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & personal print if high res versions are purchased).

In order to use our images for any other use, including other agency use, you will need to purchase a copyright licence and until purchased they cannot be used under any circumstances.

You can purchase a coypright licence by calling 0207 1181011

Remember we can't submit a child to a client when out of date with sizes, or photographs. Under 3yr olds can use non-professional shots, over 3yr olds must update annually using professional shots taken by a Bizzykidz studio. This is also where the agency client assessment will take place. Please note that the parent is responsible for the quality and type of their own images they upload to the profile in addition to ours in slots 5-9, or for under 3yr olds. Our bookers will use discretion to submit to clients based on their working knowledge of what they will accept, so please choose images wisely.

Don't forget that although ovr 3's are required to be updated annually, you must update images if your child no longer looks the same, should be changed more often. 'Old' images of 3-5yr olds are more often than not rejected by clients.

Contact Email Addresses

Parent queries: Use the message form, or Live Chat facility at 

Any work related matters:

HQ Studio appointment queries:

To share your Bizzykidz images, or casting & shoot experiences E

Unavailability dates - Calendar

The calendar is found in section 2 ‘model’ in your profile when you click ‘edit profile’

  1. Click the green bar under the calendar named ‘click here to update unavailability dates’
  2. Enter one word in unavailability description e.g. holiday, casting, filming, illness, hospital etc…then add the start and end date. If it is one day then the start and end date will be the same. The calendar cannot show half dates, it is a whole day unavailable, or available.
  3. Don’t forget to click the green sign to ‘update dates’ once completed
  4. If you want to add another date after updating the dates you will need to refresh the page, or log out and in again.
  5. The bookers will add dates for any pencilled and confirmed dates in admin as necessary.

Ensure that all areas are completed as they are vital to be submitted for work. Please also be sure your location is correct (i.e. north, south, east, west, middle) using the map at the bottom of this page. Please note it is where you are on the UK map so do this correctly to be considered for work effectively. And it is vital you have correct height showing. Once this is done and your images are viewing, your profile will then be ready to submit to clients.

There is no need to ask the agency if you are activated for work, if you have images and sizes showing then you will be. Adding height etc does nothing more to the page but show the clients what you yourself can see when you log in. The agency cannot be held responsible for a parent not inputting height (in cm's), council, location etc, so please ensure this is done correctly. Log out and in again to check it has saved. What you see, we can see, so please do check it.

There is an option to travel if you wish for work, or for unpaid work (including castings).

How to enhance a profile

Clients are increasingly requesting additional photos & submissions from models with video footage, or model cards.These are the easiest way to enhance a profile.

If you wish to upload video to your profile use the Activate Video/Voiceover facility button on the front page of your profile and follow the step by step instructions. If you would like to order a Model Card, see the Submitting To Clients page in the menu to order yours. You can also add a Flip Book tusing the button when you log in, allowing you to display up to 30 more images on your profile.

Here are the answers to a few questions we are often asked. 

How do I know if my profile is viewable to clients?

When an image is uploaded onto a profile, the system automatically notifies our admin team. We will check and activate within 4 working hours.

If your expiry date is showing a valid date in section 5 then your page is activated. If not then your images are expired or waiting to be checked (allow up to 48 hours). If the date has not changed within 4 working hours of changing them please sent a message to admin via the contact page. Remember, in order to 'update' images you must replace all images, or the date will not change.

Please do not email or call the agency to ask if a profile has been activated, this automated system helps us delegate our time and expertise to obtaining work for our kids. If there is an issue with your image upload you will be notified by email, if not then they are activated and your expiry date refreshed. There is also a handy notice on the front of your profile at log in, to show how many times your profile has been viewed by clients that day (updated at 11.30pm daily).

Note: the system will not allow you to upload images if your council field, sos number field and height field are blank. Please complete these and then upload photographs.

If they are too large and do not upload then please try uploading one at a time.

If your images are appear sideways, or upside down, go to the top of the page and click the image to rotate it. Don't forget to save all details at the bottom before logging out.

When a profile is first activated you are emailed a password. This email also includes all information on how to update etc. Please keep copy of that email for future reference and do not ignore. You cannot change your password, but can reset if you forget. You are submitted to all areas of work provided your images are up to date. We are a commercial agent and represent models on that basis.

The parent is responsible for updating images and ensuring they remain valid. It is the parents duty to check expiry dates regularly to remain active. You have 6-months from expiry to update images and remain with the agency.

How do I know when my child is being submitted for work?

We submit by various methods (see submitting to clients page). We do not have time to notify parents when submitted to clients unless by lightbox method. As much as we would love to, we are far too bizzy! If you do receive a lightbox notification then your next question will be 'when will I hear?'. The answer to that is simply as soon as we do. We submit children as efficiently and quickly as we can and against other agencies with the intention that the client will choose our agency over another. As soon as we hear anything from the client we will text you initially to confirm availability. Once confirmed we then email you all details and information re client, fees, directions etc.

You can check a profile on log in to see how many times it has been viewed that day.

What you see, the clients see, so provided you have up to date images, sizes and correct council name on your profile you can be viewed. Just make sure it is all up to date and all other info is completed; this will help increase chances of selection.

The bookers contact you by mobile initially using our automated text service. 


Remember this is a very competitive industry and there alot of other children out there!

When a client receives a child's details from us they will be compared to others for a final decision. We therefore ask you check height and other sizes every few months (monthly for younger kids) and even if no change please submit the sizes again. That will date the updates so clients can see when they were last checked. This will put you in good stead against another child and could ultimately sway a decision!

It could also determine whether or not a client will view your details.

An updates chart is within the How To Update page of the menu.

Don't forget that although ovr 3's are required to be updated annually, you must update images if your child no longer looks the same, should be changed more often. 'Old' images of 3-5yr olds are more often than not rejected by clients.

You can book image updates with any of our studios via the 'how to book an appointment' page of the menu.

All children to be photographed in either a black, or white outfit.

Bizzykidz T-Shirts (to also wear to auditions) are available to purchase online at

And finally...

Please view the sub pages within this section for an update chart, how to enhance a child's profile, info on how a child is submitted for work and all other questions.

Don't forget to use our Live Chat facility to chat to staff on the 1st page of your profile and on the contact page of the agency main website

We love chatting to parents on the phone, but when lines are engaged clients can't get  through, so it is really appreciated if Live Chat, or the message form is used where possible please