Payment Information

When and how do I get paid?

The agency invoices the client, on your behalf, the next working day after the shoot. Occasionally we have to wait a few days for a purchase order to be raised.

Your account details should be ready on your profile; including account holders name (not bank name!), sort code and 8 digit account number. You can use your own bank to accept payment on behalf of your child if easier. The agency cannot be held responsible for incorrect banking details being entered by the parent and payment being made. Once funds have left our account it is then the responsiblity of the parent/artist to recover the amount from the bank and not the agencies.

We invoice the client and, as soon as we are paid, we will transfer the amount to you via Bank Transfer. At the same time as payment, you will be emailed a remittance with details of the shoot that you've been on. This way you can track which payments you have received. Please note, this can take up to 24 hours to clear into your bank, or the next working day. It is a legal requirement for us to pay cast within 7 days after receiving the money. This obviously only works though if you have supplied the correct bank details.

With regards to when are you paid, we can only pay you once the Production Company has paid us.  Probably 90% of the time this is within 30 days of the shoot, and more often than not, around the 30 day mark.  If we are paid sooner we will pay you sooner.  If the Production Company has not paid us after 30 days we will be in regular contact with them to find out when it will be paid, so don't feel you need to remind us about overdue payments.  Occasionally payments can take longer as Production Companies pay us when they are good and ready, not unfortunately when we ask for it.  Obviously we want you guys paid as quickly as possible so it's in our best interests to receive due payment as quickly as possible.

If payments do take longer than anticipated, please bear with us, be patient and sit tight. We DO know when payments are due and we will already be in contact with the Production Company about it.

Do I pay tax on my payments?

By accepting work via the agency, or joining us, you are not considered to be an 'Employee' of the Company. Therefore the agency is not responsible for making Tax or National Insurance deductions.

Paying your Tax and National Insurance is down to you and is your own responsibility. The agency is not responsible for ensuring you complete your tax returns in full and on time. Children qualify for a single persons allowance before it is eligible for tax. It is best to contact your local tax office for up to date clarification on the amounts. Subsequently the agency is not liable for any financial penalties that HMRC enforce upon you.

The exception to this is when Production Companies put artistes on a long term or high value contract, in which case they are treated as PAYE employees of the Production. If this does happen, 30% commission of earnings (inclusive of VAT) is payable to Bizzykidz (London) Ltd as our agency commission.

In the event a client does not pay the VAT on any invoice (abroad clients mostly), then VAT will be deducted from the total amount before us sending payment to the artist less our commission.

Prior to April 2014, it was the case that self-employed entertainers were automatically treated as employees for NICS purposes, and therefore the employer was liable to deduct employee’s NICS at source and also to pay employer’s NICS. 

However, since the The Social Security Categorisation of Earners Amendment Regulations 2014 came into force in April 2014, such entertainers are always treated as self-employed. Therefore neither the agency nor the Production Company will be obliged to pay employer’s NICS at source, and the work seekers will be responsible to pay NICS, at the self-employed rates, directly to HMRC.

Who is responsible for declaring my Payments to HMRC?

This is down to you and is your own responsibility.  The agency is not responsible for ensuring you complete your tax returns in full and on time.

Subsequently the agency is not liable for any financial penalties that HMRC enforce on you.