Self Tape Info & Tips

SELF TAPE HINTS - You only do this when requested by our bookings team & a client! It would be a good idea to practise at home in advance too!

Read these audition instructions carefully and be sure to take the necessary time to post online successfully. There are the three steps to follow



What you’ll need:

·      Email address

·      Computer with internet

·      Video camera (or any device that can video)

·      Youtube account (unless otherwise instructed)



Camera: Nowadays, most modern laptops come with a webcam installed. Those will do just fine. If at all possible, try to use a higher quality camera. The better the quality of the image, the better we can see your performance.

Location: Make sure your recording space is indoors as the sun is too bright and will overexpose your recording.

Background: Use a plain background. Try to avoid white walls if you can.

Audition: Please limit your recording to (2) minutes. You may want to go through several renditions and select your favourite. It’s ok if the audition runs a little over two minutes. This time restraint is more of a helpful suggestion as the next step is the most time costly. If the client has not provided a script, or particular action then introduce yourself and chat to camera providing interesting facts about you and your personality.


You may be offered another way to submit, please read the email from our Bookings Dept. If no other method is offered please read on...

Sign up for a free YouTube account ( If you don’t have an account, it only takes a few minutes to set up. Auditions over two minutes may run anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to upload, depending on your internet speeds and connections.

Upload: After you choose your audition, upload that video to either YouTube or Vimeo. Make sure that your privacy settings are “PUBLIC”.  Or you can set to 'RESTRICTED', or 'UNLISTED' so only those sent a link can view it. Do NOT make it 'PRIVATE' or it can't be viewed at all. Go to your page to view your video and make sure it’s uploaded correctly.

Email: Click on your youtube link and copy it. Double check that the link works. Email this link to the email address you have been given to submit or