NOTE Following COVID-19 and social distancing requirements, our studio is taking bookings from 4th July 2020 and will be operating to strict government guidelines for all appointments. Full details will be sent to you directly from the studio when confirming any booking.



You are only able to book with this studio after completing the form at Without doing so your updates will not be validated by the agency.

If you are proceeding with this appointed studio, once you have your images you must return to and complete the confirm form for us to prepare your profile for updating.

Our images cannot be used for any form of publication, promotion, or for use with another agency under any circumstances. Only to be used for personal Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

Copyright belongs to Bizzykidz Agency without exception.

All children 3yrs+ to be photographed in either a black, or white top.

Bizzykidz T-Shirts (to also wear to auditions) are available for purchase online at


Sidcup Studio

You must only book an appt after completing an agency booking form and the agency confirming you have been added to the studio list. Without doing so your booking cannot be confirmed and updates will be invalid.

Barrett & Coe

T: 0208 300 7665


Address: Winston House, Maltings Mews, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 7DG


Cost of your updates will be £70 in total for 4 required (images provided by email).

Payment should be made in 2 installments; £30 booking deposit & £40 on the day of your sitting.

Clothing: Children 3yrs+ are photographed in a plain black, or white top (small logo allowed if unavoidable). 

Bizzykidz T-Shirts (to also wear to auditions) are available for purchase online at

Hair: Clients like to see what they are working with so hair should be natural and not tied up. Your photographer will be happy to discuss with you when booking.

When you have received your 4 images for your profile, you should complete the 'confirm' form at  Admin will obtain your assessment from the studio and prepare your profile for updating. 

We have provision for 9 images on our model profile pages. The studio have agreed to offer an additional 5 images (optional) for £60 to those wishing to fill their profile pages. You can order those on the day of your sitting and can be photographed in your own choice of outfit to show versatility and personal style.

Any queries contact us as the studio only deal with photography and not agency matters. 

Have a great shoot! We look forward to seeing your new images!