Bizzy Agency Studio Taunton

This is one of our appointed agency studios. Our appointed agency photographer will conduct your appointment and assessment.

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Shoot Info

Cost of shoots are £70 in total for 4 required (images provided by email).

Payment to be made in 2 instalments; £40 deposit & £30 on the sitting day.

You should email the agency once you have your images.

  1. Clothing: Children 3yrs+ should ideally be photographed in a plain black, or white top (small logo allowed if unavoidable).
    Bizzy T-Shirts (to also wear to auditions) are available to purchase, email us for info
  2. Hair: Clients like to see what they are working with so hair should be natural and not tied up. We will be happy to discuss with you.

We have provision for 10 images on our agency profile pages. The studio offers an additional 5 images (optional) for £60 to those wishing to fill their profile pages. You can order those on the day of your sitting and can be photographed in your own choice of outfit to show versatility and personal style.

We look forward to seeing your new images!

All images are copyrighted to SJB Management Ltd - To use for self marketing, or another agency please email