Submitting to clients

Your guide to the various ways we submit artists to clients, including spotlight inclusion


Bizzykidz are a Spotlight Agency. 

Spotlight is the bible for many producers/casting directors when selecting talent and is an optional extra for 5yrs+ looking to further their career in TV, Film, Commercials, or Stage.

Bizzykidz deals with many clients directly and by other methods. However, a selection of clients will only use Spotlight and insist only those listed on Spotlight be submitted for selection. This is another way of promoting your child and them not missing out on some of the briefs which they deal with exclusively. 

To apply for Spotlight see:

Once registered with Spotlight, email for your Spotlight Pin Code and access. Your details will then appear on our Spotlight agency account for clients to view and for us to begin submitting immediately.

Spotlight Images

You will need a Spotlight approved image, which we can convert for you to their specification. This must also be high res and to Spotlight resolution. We offer a spotlight image package at Bizzy HQ for £50 (includes 2 x spotlight approved images. Our studio can convert yours for you; £20 admin charge applicable using (ensure to supply artists name where prompted when making payment). Be sure to email your receipt and child's name to once paid.

Model Cards

Model cards are digital cards, emailed to clients to print off, forward to 'their' clients and are linked to any video/audio footage on the agency profile.

The Model Card displays a collage of images and is uploaded into slot 3 on the profile. Model Cards can only contain professional photos and are produced by our IT company and attached to our client software and any video footage.

Model Cards cannot be amended, once images expire it is deleted and needs to be replaced.

Please note, model cards are a part of our software system, if you create and upload your own image collage it will not work on our software!

You can order yours by sending payment to  (ensure to supply artists name where prompted when making payment). Please email with name once paid.


A Lightbox is a software facility we have attached to our database. We search for kids using this method and are even able to narrow it down by entering eye colour, area, age, sex, skin colour etc etc (as per the client request - sometimes they are less limiting of course), then click ADD to the a shopping cart. Then we create the Lightbox for the client and send it to them so they can see our suggestions.

It also works in reverse where the client can create their own Lightbox and send it to us with their selections....If we create one, when we send it to the client it automatically sends notice to the parents email address. We only use these Lightboxes for a small percentage of client work so they should not be used by parents as a guide to how often they are being submitted for work. When parents receive one it means they have been submitted and should not email or call the agency to ask if they have been chosen. All that does is tie up our bookers, you will be contacted as soon as the agency hear from the client, don't worry.

With Lightboxes, we have a fantastic strike rate with clients. We usually confirm at least one child on a Lightbox in approximately 95% of those sent, so they are a great facility for us. We mostly use the lightbox tool for commercial submissions.

The Agency also submits by email, post and the most preferred method by clients, which is by model card (z-cards). These options do not allow for parent notification. Model Cards are the model industry prefered method of submission and the method we use most often. We create them using the images & information on your profile and email/post them to clients for them to distribute to their client. We tend to get repeat bookings for models with model cards as clients keep them for future use, so the agency prefers this method where possible.

You will only receive notification of being submitted to a client if submitted by Lightbox and when time permits, but they account for only a small proportion of agency work. So if you do not receive one for a while don't worry, as we normally submit by model card method alongside standard emailing, posting and direct submissions.