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Bizzykidz Agency holds a very extensive client database and provides many wonderful opportunities for newborns, children & adults. Our artists appear in magazines, catalogues, on bill boards, book covers, product packaging, brochures, leaflets, TV commercials, feature films, stage & theatre, corporate videos, pop videos and much, much more.

Our voiceover section is very popular with clients, providing voices for many projects you will hear on a daily basis including Radio and TV. Here we display a variation of jobs that we have secured for our children.

It is not the full list of jobs achieved as we have too many to mention and secure dozens of new jobs every day, but is simply a sample of a few that our Bizzy kidz have been involved with lately.

Our homepage is currently being updated

Please see www.bizzykidzagency.com for latest version and recent work


Under 3 yr olds apply at www.bizzykidz.com/join-bizzykidz

Over 3-yr olds apply at www.bizzykidzagency.com/applytojoin

1 18th June

2 15TH MAY 2019



5 HMRC-CharlieW


7 LEGO-AlexisB

8 ZIPPY-WeibangM


10 EE-MaximilianSDF

Since 1996

Our homepage is being updated - please see www.bizzykidzagency.com for latest version

Bizzykidz child modelling agency was founded by Debi Clark in 1996. As the mother of a child model herself, she wanted to create a more friendly and approachable agency than she had experienced. We began as a small child modelling agency & baby model agency and have grown to what has become the UK’s largest with divisions covering Central, Southern & Northen England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland. Used by virtually every client in the industry it is necessary to hold a varied portfolio of children, allowing for unavailability, being booked out on another job and of course to offer the client a choice of faces for their assignment. Smaller child model agencies, although seeming appealing to an applicant, are not ideal for clients when seeking children, hence why there are very few commercial assignments and model briefs that don’t come through our busy bookings department and we are the preferred agency when looking for child talent and models to work within the TV, film and photographic industry. We are now a large child model agency and child talent agency, but we have a very large client list and every artist on our books shares equal importance to us.

Where We Are Now

Bizzykidz is the first port-of-call for journalists & producers who are keen to share with their audience the expertise and knowledge of a reputable agency. Debi Clark (Director) and the agency have appeared on BBC News, Sky News, numerous Radio stations, ITV's This Morning, Channel 5's Big Brother, Channel 4 in a 4-part TV documentary Series & in countless national & local newspaper and magazine publications.

From our humble beginnings in a small home/office, we were based in an amazing and huge studio complex in South London/Kent for 8 years and in 2016 moved to our current location in Rochester, offering 4 acres of film and photography space, which we hire to clients. Debi, a highly experienced and qualified photographer, has a fantastic team working alongside her at the agency and utilises her photographic skills in the studio, which we used to branch out into the other side of the industry. The studios are regularly hired to clients for shoots & filming - making us the complete package for potential clients; we have the kids, the studio and land and the crew! Why would they go anywhere else?

COVID-19 forced many changes within the industry and Bizzykidz decided to take on a whole new direction moving forward and incorporated a new way of working. We now use a high tech booking system for our older artists and have a brand new streamlined booking system for the younger ones. These new systems have allowed the director to oversee the running of the whole agency, just as when the agency began, whilst also maintaining the same work rate. Debi has always been hands on at the agency, but taking the leap into utilising technology to its fullest has now allowed her to manage each department on a more personal level while completely understanding our artists and client needs. 

Bizzykidz Child Modelling Agency is recommended by many baby brands, are used by the majority of clients out there and to celebrate our success we were involved in a TV series following our agency (solely), kids and parents over a 12-month period. The show went on to air in Europe & then Australia...so we even went global! Our show The Tiny Tots Talent Agency was even nominated for a TV Choice Award 2016. Following an incredible 20 years in business, Bizzykidz were finalists in the Bexley Business Awards for 2 categories and ended the year being crowned 2016 winners of Best Child Talent & Model Agency UK. It really doesn't get much better than that, but we then started 2017 winning Corporate Vision Magazine's 2017 Global Excellence Award for 'Most Outstanding Child Talent & Model Agency'. 2020 saw us open our Bizzykidz Spain agency, working with 2 very large international production companies. 2015 saw the launch of our Bizzykidz Angels division, representing babies and children with various disabilities, involving a Sky News interview.

During 2020, not even COVID would stop us from being the best! We were nominated multiple times for the CORP 2021 Awards, Corporate Livewire Prestige Awards (Central England & South England) and Lux Global Excellence Awards. Our efforts were recognised and in November we were awarded 'Best Child Model Agency' for every nomination and awarded the national crown! These titles granted entry to the European Business Enterprise Awards 2020, which we won again! Roll on the next awards!!

The agency offers a yearly and lifetime contract option. Bizzykidz includes all photography for their lifetime members at the point of joining and does not charge for the initial shoot, images, or assessment, allowing our artists to have access to gorgeous images for their agency profile and at a very low price. This was one of the main objectives when taking on 25 premises across the UK and something that cannot be matched by our competition. Indeed every new thing we have introduced to help our kids (voiceovers, showreels, workshops, etc) were eventually copied to the letter by other agencies. Unfortunately for them they weren't able to match our facilities, excellence, commitment, quality, or price to the parent. While other agencies in our league appear to have a lower joining cost to artists, they are nearly always yearly, whereas our lifetime representation includes free photography & assessment at the point of joining and our 25 appointed studios across the whole of the UK, cater for those who live further afield. Our office slogan is "we lead, they follow" and it is so true!


We want our artists and families to enjoy the feeling of a very close-knit, friendly and approachable agency. We pride ourselves in knowing ALL of our lifetime artists and are aware of their talents, strengths & weaknesses, which is invaluable when submitting them to clients for work. We like our artists and especially our children to have fun and enjoy this wonderful life experience. Our agency is highly professional, however, we keep the emphasis on the word ‘fun’ when dealing with our children; and we always will! 


Due to technology advancement, Bizzykidz Child Model Agency introduced a new 'virtual' form of assessment for new lifetime joiners. We wanted to introduce this early 2021, however, were forced into bringing this forward to early 2020 during the lockdown restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Clients adapted their audition and filming procedures quickly during this period, and we followed suit immediately. We also introduced an option for yearly representation without the need for assessment, where an artist can trial representation with a view to upgrading later.

Bizzy Ethos

Our staff are highly experienced in the industry. Our ethos is not to merely represent but to 'manage' the careers of our artists, guiding them along the right paths to success.  
We have direct industry experience stretching back to 1985. We are a family run business and welcome any new face into that family as one of our own.

What makes us different?

Our agency is contactable to both clients and artists 24-7 and uses the most current technology out there. We have a lovely balance of artists from all areas across the UK and were the first to break many boundaries with supplying artists from all different backgrounds. We meet all our new-faces and maintain a completely up to date database for clients at all times. "We lead, they follow" is our slogan.

New Business Model

Up until Jan 2021 we represented all ages under the same bookings team., but now manage babies and over 3's under two separate company umbrellas. This allows us to have a more personable relationship with our artists and helps us direct careers most appropriately for our older talent.

To apply to our over 3yr old section see www.bizzykidzagency.com 

Terms of Contract

Bizzykidz Agency offers 2 forms of contract:

1) Babies up to 3yrs - Annual contract 
2) 3yrs + have the choice of Annual, or Lifetime contracts

Good quality home images are accepted for our Annual Contracts. Lifetime members should update photos annually with the agency