About model work

Having a child in the child model and child talent industry (we refer to them as models) can be extremely rewarding for both the child and the parent. The income that can be earned should not be dismissed, as a child can earn anything from the minimum hourly rate, right up to thousands of pounds for just a days work. Although the financial gain should not be ignored, the opportunity to travel, meet new and interesting people, coupled with the satisfaction of seeing your child on TV, in a magazine, on a leaflet or on a billboard, can often far outweigh any fee that can be earned. Being a child model can be extremely exciting and great fun, but it should always be remembered that it is to be the child’s profession, so should be approached professionally.

Clients approach Bizzykidz Child Modelling Agency every day with wide and varied requests for all types of children. Children, therefore, do not need to be the typical model type child, but do need to be able to take on the task in hand i.e. take direction, enjoy what they are doing and get on with other children, adults and strangers, with the emphasis being upon the child enjoying what they are doing!

Bizzykidz Child Modelling Agency has a model section to the main Talent agency. All children appearing in our Bizzykidz Talent Directory will be submitted for model work in addition to commercial work. Children are able to opt out of model work if preferred and at the point of joining and when children are auditioned they will be assessed for suitability for this area of work. There is no extra charge to be represented by our model section to the agency.

If you think your child would be a suitable candidate for our agency, they could soon be an addition to our portfolio and possibly be the next child appearing on TV, in the West End, in their favourite children’s Magazine, in-store posters in a high street store, or even appearing worldwide on the next John Lewis, or Pampers commercial. We look for suitable children, of all types and personalities. All children with Bizzykidz are considered for commercial work primarily and also submitted for model/photographic assignments where applicable. We do not accept postal applications, please apply using the Apply page of the website.

See the Clients page of our website for a full list of our clients.

Mini Test Sessions

Unsure how your child will perform in a studio environment? Want to try them first?

15 min appt, including 1 x high res digital image - £40

Available only at our Rochester HQ Studio

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