Our Mission

We want our children and parents to enjoy the feeling of a very close-knit, friendly and approachable child modelling agency. Our staff know ALL of our children and are aware of their strengths & weaknesses, which is invaluable when submitting them to clients for work.

We like our children to have fun and enjoy this wonderful life experience. Our child agency is highly professional, however, we keep the emphasis on the word ‘fun’ when dealing with our children; and always will!

Every new thing we have introduced to help our kids (voiceovers, showreels, workshops, Zoom assessments etc) have been copied to the letter by other agencies. Unfortunately for them they haven't been able to match our speed, facilities, excellence, quality, or price to the parent. We even offer an inclusive photography & assessment for our new joiners and have numerous appointed studios across the whole of the UK, catering for those who live further afield . Our office slogan is "we lead, they follow" and it is so true! We will always be the industry leaders.

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