Hear What Our Artists Have To Say

Here are a collection of videos from some of our older Bizzy Featured Artist boys, all sharing their positive experiences

Maximilian SDF

Max has been a Featured Artist for 6 years and oozes enthusiasm with each and every audition, self tape and job that he does. He is a huge favourite with clients and is developing into a very successful artist within our Featured Artist management department. We love you too Max!

Cache V

Cache is a brilliant artist. His huge achievements in the industry show that hard work, commitment and great parent encouragement really go a long way in helping you to reach your goals. He is also the perfect example of how to remain 'grounded' no matter how big the assignment is. Watch out for Cache on your screens in the Apple TV Series, Invasion, booked by Bizzy Agency! He's amazing!

Johnnie D

Johnnie has been a wonderful addition to Bizzy Agency since 2015 and is such a great lad. He is happy go lucky, down to earth and has always had realistic ambitions. That healthy attitude has helped carve him into the fine young man he has become.  He is a fantastic addition to our agency and is represented under our Featured Artist Management Department. He has also developed into a fantastic singer and is now being managed as an artist separately to help him achieve his dreams. Don't ever change Johnnie!

Bailey K

Bailey is such a well rounded young lad and has been with Bizzy Agency for 4 years. He came to us as a 'model' originally and despite being good in that area and securing assignments, he was upgraded to our Featured Artist Management Department and was booked almost immediately. Despite his initial reservations, client feedback was testimony to the fabulous job that he did. Proof our bookers 'know' our artists!

Jamie V

What a cracking kid our Jamie is! Client feedback has always been positive over his 6 yrs with us and reflects what we know about him.  He played 'Young Charlie Price' in Kinky Boots The Musical,  is a fab dancer and is the perfect 'cheeky chappy' loved by Casting Directors.