Bizzy Agency Firsts

With the ever demanding needs of its clients, Bizzy Agency are proud to have offered many ‘firsts’ to the industry.

We were the first agency to have a website (many moons ago!), first to offer Skype auditions to clients, first to offer training workshops to our agency artists and during a transport strike in London we racked our brains to find a solution and decided to film our kids from a client brief and have it biked to our client. Over the following months we offered this service to our clients wanting talent living further afield and soon noticed a new trend in clients requesting ’self tapes’ of artists. It is no coincidence that these requests developed months after we thought of it as a solution to a travel problem. So yes, we will claim that as another ‘Bizzy first’. 

Regardless of how they appeared, they are now a necessity to representation. Photographs do not always tell the true 'story' of a child, especially with self editing being a problem, whereas film can do that and so much more!

At an audition clients will generally film a child introducing itself, showing their hands and face profile and then performing a small piece (sing, dance, tell a joke, or just chat). Now clients can view all of that from the comfort of their office computer by viewing our child Audition Show Reels online (password protected). This helps them cut down the costs of studio hire, audition fees, whilst narrowing down the number of auditions that children (and parents) need to attend.

In our first trial month (Jan 2009) we secured 14 bookings of children directly from Show Reels with no need for audition, which was incredible and convinced us that there was a need to have this as a permanent feature to our portfolio. Many of our artists have Audition Show Reels on their profiles and clients often request they be created specifically for certain roles.

Whether you're a talented newcomer to the agency, or an existing Bizzy artist looking to update your portfolio, we can help turn your dreams into reality by creating a showreel for you. However, with technology being as it is today there is no reason why artists can’t create one at home and upload to their own profile too!

Our 2017 'first' is our Bizzy Flip Book. This is an online portfolio book with real on-screen turning pages, displaying an additional 30 pages of images. This innovative idea has received a lot of positive feedback from clients as it allows the opportunity to display a whole variety of looks, moods, hair-styles & personalities. With the ever increasing competition within this industry, this is yet another Bizzy idea to help enhance our artist profiles and make them stand out above the rest.

Our 2018 'first' is our Character Cards. A 9 image card displaying an array of different faces and personalities, aimed at commercial clients for TV, Stage, Film work. Much preferred for selection that the typical 'model' shots. No doubt other agencies will soon try to replicate this too!

Our latest 'first' is our virtual assessments, allowing artists to use their own images, meet their booker online and get started straight away! The new company management structure is proving to be better than ever for our management company, artists and clients alike!