Why We Are Proud

As part of our multi-award winning company, SJB Management, is the first port-of-call for journalists & producers who are keen to share with their audience the expertise and knowledge of a reputable company. The agency have appeared on BBC News, Sky News, numerous Radio stations, ITV's This Morning, Channel 5's Big Brother, Channel 4 in a 4 part TV documentary Series & in countless national & local newspaper and magazine publications. We are the industry's go-to agency.

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From our humble beginnings in a small home/office, we were based in an amazing and huge studio complex in South London/Kent for 8 years and in 2015 moved to Rochester, offering 4 acres of film and photography space which we hired to clients. Sadie, our Director and a highly experienced and qualified photographer, has a fantastic team working alongside her and utilises her photographic skills in the studio, which we have used to branch out into the other side of the industry. Our new structure makes us now the complete package for potential clients; we have the artists, the studio and location and the crew! Why would they go anywhere else?

Following the COVID-19 pandemic SJB Management arrived as a breath of fresh air and now manage our artists whilst accommodating the new requirements that the industry and clients expect from agencies. 

BizzyKidz Agency awards 2000-2022

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