Artist Information

If you can't login you should try to click forgotten password & follow instructions to reset. Please ensure you are using the email listed on the profile. Your login details for the App are likely not the same as those you chose for desktop version!  If you input incorrect information more than 5 times it will block you for an hour, after which time you should opt to reset your password.

If your images are out of date you will need to update them to enable login. We send you a login reminder once we have your assessment from the studio.

Please always provide your profile email, password & child's name when messaging the agency with any login issues and you must email us from the email on your profile for security reasons.

If your images have been expired for more than 3 months please refer to the agency terms within the menu.
More than one Background Artist sharing the same email for log in should ignore all and only use the last received

Licence Documents & Contract

Download using the link below. We recommend using Docusign to sign documents:

It’s completely free and will generate a “squiggle”. These should be uploaded to your profile as instructed along with copy of birth cert or passport.



Artist - As we deal with babies, supporting artists, featured artists, models, actors & influencers, we refer to them collectively as ‘artists’.

Booker - Our staff who work in the client department and handle bookings for our artists are called Bookers.

Ultimate Client - Initially, our client will be our point of contact i.e. a casting director, photographer, director. The ultimate client will be their client, so usually the Brand, who have themselves hired our client to create the campaign.

Submission - When a client asks an agency for a selection of particular ‘looks’, or ‘types’ of artist and the agency then sends suitable artists details to the client.

Casting - This is another word for an audition and is when the artist has been picked to meet the client in person, or by video/zoom. At a live casting the artist will be required to complete a form requesting personal information (incl. sizes, agency details etc) and the client may take a few photos, or do some filming. Anything you need to prepare will be advised by your booker, otherwise they are usually fairly informal and typically take around 5-15 minutes. Castings can occasionally run behind schedule so we always advise to take along something to pass the time, just incase!

Self Tape - Clients often ask artists to perform a certain task on film, or to just introduce themselves to camera. These can be filmed on a mobile device, at home, and are used to either narrow down artists prior to audition selection, or sometimes to replace the need to an audition altogether.

Pencilled/Optioned - When an artist is shortlisted for a job and the agency is waiting on a final decision. In doing so, an artist is also prevented from being booked with another client until a decision is made.

Recall - This is a ‘2nd audition’ and sometimes required if the client would like to see all optioned artists before making a final decision. A fee is usually paid to the artist for a recall.

Fitting - This is when models are booked to try clothing on, allowing the stylist to confirm correct sizings and to make any final adjustments before going on sale. 

Wardrobe - When an artist is required to attend a fitting for clothing to be worn for the job.

Confirmed - This is when an artist is definitely booked for a job. 

Call time - The time an artist is expected to arrive at a job.

Basic Shoot Fee (BSF) - The daily fee paid to an artist for working and usually referred to with commercial work. Model work is generally paid as an hourly, half day, or full day rate.

Buyout/Usage Fees - Paid for the rights to use footage, or images of an artist. The client and agency will negotiate rates on behalf of the artist and the amount would depend upon a number of things (e.g. territory, duration, budget, brand etc). Some jobs this may be included in the fee.

Standby/Back Up Artist - When an artist is booked as a standby to the clients first choice, incase of them not completing/attending the job. The standby artist will usually receive the usual day rate or a percentage of, but may not be used. Only the artist who appears in the campaign will receive any buyout/usage offered.

Some people may struggle uploading images if the files are too large. This is a common issue especially when using images from a mobile device. Images should be smaller than 2mb in size.

You can downsize images quickly and easily here or here

You can also download one of the appropriate free Apps using the links below and reduce to below 2mb in size.

Instruction is straight forward and easy to use. 

An alternative 'cheat' method is to email the image to yourself, select to send as smaller option. Then save the received image to your device and then upload he newly sized image.

APPLE (Iphone, Ipad, Ipod)




You can email or call staff at any time from our contact page.

We submit by various methods; Tagmin, email, Tag-card, post. We do not notify artists when submitted to clients unless we require further information from you. As much as we would love to, we are far too bizzy! If you do receive a notification then your next question will be 'when will I hear?'. The answer to that is simply as soon as we do. We submit children as efficiently and quickly as we can, against other agencies with the intention that the client will choose our agency over another. As soon as we hear anything from the client we will text you initially to confirm availability, followed by email. Once confirmed we then email you all details and information re client, fees, directions etc. What you see, the clients see, so provided you have up to date images, sizes and council  plus licence docs on your profile, then you can do no more. Just make sure it is all up to date and all other info is completed; this will help increase chances of selection. And don't forget to upload your licence documents.

The bookers contact you via text initially, then email you. 

Remember this is a very competitive industry and there are many other children out there! When a client receives an artist's details from us they will be compared to others for a final decision. We therefore ask you check height and other sizes every few months (monthly for younger kids) and even if no change please tick the box to verify correct. That will date the updates so clients can see when they were last checked. This will put you in good stead against another artist and could ultimately sway a decision! It could also determine whether or not a client will view your details.

Images should be updated as below:

newborns up to 3yr olds  - monthly

3yrs upwards as and when they change. (lifetime members yearly as per terms)

You can book image updates at

We have a very handy guide for taking images at home for younger children and those using non professional images. Please see for full details

Please keep note of your last update to avoid being out of date and remember that lifetime contracts must be updated within 3 months of expiry to remain within terms and avoid removal.

There is a health section. It is vital that this is completed and where teeth are missing please list them and amend as they grow through or more fall out. If an artist is unavailable through illness please add to the calendar until expected recovery date.

Clients are increasingly requesting submissions from artists with video footage, or model cards. These are the easiest way to enhance a profile and a self tape is the best to choose (short video of artist stating name, saying they are with Bizzy Agency and then chatting about hobbies, interests - Younger kids can use any footage of them you like. Please keep it to 10-20 seconds maximum, add to Vimeo, or Youtube, then add the link to 'weblinks' in the personal details section of your profile. You can add several, title them 'intro' for the main one, then 'singing', 'dancing', 'gymnastics', 'monologue' etc as required. Spotlight is also a big must for those serious about this industry (4yrs+).

Background Artists should not upload video as clients cannot view this facility.

Virtual Audition Tech Sessions - Ages 5yrs+

These are Zoom workshops headed by both our directors, agency Talent Head Booker and our drama coach. The purpose is to help teach the correct way to perform a self tape audition and gives great tips which are not usually considered by parents. They are an invaluable way to help improve your chances of being selected from self tape submissions to a client, or live auditions. 

See to reserve a place.


Bizzy Agency are a Spotlight Agency. 

Spotlight is the bible for many producers/casting directors when selecting talent and is an optional extra for 4yrs+ looking to further their career in TV, Film, Commercials, or Stage.

Bizzy Agency deals with many clients directly and by other methods. However, a selection of clients will only use Spotlight and insist only those listed on Spotlight be submitted for selection. This is another way of promoting your child and them not missing out on some of the briefs which they deal with exclusively. 

More information on how to join Spotlight please complete the form provided on the link below.

Once registered with Spotlight, email with your Spotlight Pin Code and access. Your details will then appear on our Spotlight agency account for clients to view and for us to begin submitting immediately and is linked to our Tagmin system.

Spotlight Images

You will need a Spotlight approved image, which we can convert for you to the correct specification. This must also be high res and to Spotlight resolution. We offer a spotlight image package at Bizzy HQ for £50 (includes 2 x spotlight approved images. Our studio can convert yours for you; £20 admin charge applicable. Email for details.

Add Video/Audio To Your Profile

This is the easiest way to enhance a profile and a weblink is the best to choose (short video stating name, dob, saying they are with Bizzy Agency and then chatting about hobbies, interests - Younger kids can use any footage of them you like). Many clients ask agencies to submit only kids with video footage for many briefs, so please consider this option.

Under 3's

Upload videos of anything you like; examples below but you can create your own ideas. Anything to show your child and bring your profile to life

  1. Informal chat to camera about themselves - audition style (do not read a script, speak naturally)
  2. Impersonations
  3. Accent examples
  4. Singing
  5. Dancing
  6. Performance footage

Babies and toddlers can be filmed playing, laughing etc.

You can even video tv commercials/campaigns your child appears in and upload those for clients to view.

Keep weblinks to 10-20 seconds max and upload several if they have various abilities (singing, dancing etc)

Weblink Hints - Instruction for adding footage to your profile, or to send footage to our bookers when requested by a client.

With the ever increasing industry competition and surge in commercial opportunities, having a self tape on your profile could really boost your chances of being selected by a client over another artist. Instead of displaying 'beautiful' images, you can show your character, accent, confidence and camera presence, all in one short home made video. The films play automatically when your profile is viewed by a client and is attached to our lightbox and z-card submissions.

Many clients are insisting on agencies only submitting artists with video on their profile, so it really is something to consider.

Read these audition instructions carefully and be sure to take the necessary time to post online successfully. There are the three steps to follow; preparation, recording & uploading. (You can also apply this for voiceover/audio taping, as the client can hear your voice!)

Supporting Artists profiles do not have video facility

Bizzy T-Shirts (to also wear to auditions) are available to purchase from HQ, please email for details

What you’ll need:

  • Email address
  • Computer with internet
  • Video camera (or any device that can video, phone, Ipad etc)
  • Youtube, or Vimeo account (free to set up)

STEP 2: Recording

  • Camera: Nowadays, most modern laptops come with a webcam installed. Those will do just fine. If at all possible, try to use a higher quality camera. The better the quality of the image, the better we can see your performance.
  • Location: Make sure your recording space is indoors as the sun is too bright and will overexpose your recording. Do not use filters, or edit the video at all, the client will know! 
  • Background: Use a plain background. Try to avoid white walls if you can, or can look too clinical.
  • Audition: Please limit your recording to 10-20 seconds if possible. You may want to go through several renditions and select your favourite. It’s ok if the audition runs a little over. This time restraint is more of a helpful suggestion as we know clients click, watch and move on if bored.
  • Content: Always ensure you begin by introducing yourself by your name and agency (Bizzy Agency). Natural chat is good, explain your hobbies, interests, aspirations, likes and dislikes. You can also display singing, dance, or any other skills on your video but keep these separated. Humour is always good, to keep the client engaged, make you memorable and, of course, likeable. 

STEP 3: Uploading video to your profile

You are able to add more than one video and the videos can be changed as many times as you like.

Sign up for a free YouTube account ( If you don’t have an account, it only takes a few minutes to set up. Auditions over two minutes may run anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to upload, depending on your internet speeds and connections.

Upload to Youtube: After you choose your audition, upload that video to either YouTube or Vimeo. Make sure that your privacy settings are “PUBLIC”. Or you can set to 'RESTRICTED', or 'UNLISTED' so only those sent a link can view it. Do NOT make it 'PRIVATE' or it can't be viewed at all. Go to your page to view your video and make sure it’s uploaded correctly.

Add the link to the 'weblinks' field in your profile: Click on your youtube link and copy it. Double check that the link works. Log into your Bizzykidz profile and add the link into the weblinks section within personal details.

When a booker has requested an artist to self tape

Some clients will want to see an artist in action, performing a particular task, or speaking a certain line before proceeding further. This helps narrow the field for them and often saves unnecessary travelling for parents. If the client has not provided a script, or particular action then introduce yourself and chat to camera providing interesting facts about you and your personality. The email from the bookers will be clear on what they require so please read it carefully before filming. 

The email from us will explain whether it is to be uploaded to your Tagmin profile, or by any other method. Please follow your bookers instruction.

You will receive an email notification when it lands in our email if to be sent to us and we forward immediately to the client. 

Whichever is the preferred method by our client, we will forward immediately to them and contact you immediately the client contacts us.

We only contact you if the client contacts us!

Don't forget to contact staff anytime you need to using the details on the contact page of the website.

We love chatting to parents on the phone, but when lines are engaged clients can't get through, so it is really appreciated if you could email where possible please!

Thank you, Sadie, James and all at Bizzy Agency - SJB Management