Book A Shoot

Do not automatically contact the previous studio you booked with as we do change them occasionally to keep our images and styles fresh for clients. We also need you to notify us first. Your name also needs to be added by us to our studio list prior to you making your booking


Complete a booking request form at (you will also need to do the same to confirm updates once done).

All children should be photographed in a black, or white top. Bizzykidz T-Shirt range (White) is available online for delivery, or pick up from BKHQ at

View our HQ venue gallery HERE to see our Agency HQ's venue location

Not suitable for public transport. Just off the A2, 15 mins drive from M25 & Dartford Bridge and with ample private parking available.

Please try to book with us at our studio where possible. This is where the agency director & bookers are based. Your child will be photographed and assessed by the booker that will be looking after them whilst with the agency. Appointments available 7-days a week & some evenings with beautiful outdoor shoots available Apr-Oct (weather permitting).

It is a once a year journey; Remember that being seen by your agent is just as important (if not more) than travelling to an audition. If you are happy to travel for work then we expect you to make the same effort to come to us where possible. They can also use the opportunity to show us something they can do (dance, sing, etc).

Our appointed studios are personally selected by Bizzykidz Agency and all work to a standard approved by us; having been carefully chosen & instructed to use our agency assessment & photographic techniques. For this reason it is fine to use them if you need to. 

HAIR - Long hair leave long, do not tie it up! 

MAKEUP - Minimal!

CLOTHING - Children are photographed in a plain black, or white  outfit (small logo allowed if unavoidable). Our Bizzykidz White T-Shirt range is at

If you attend our HQ in Rochester you need to nothing more as we update your profile fully for you. If you attend any of our appointed studios you need to complete the confirmation form at once you have your images, for us to activate and allow you to upload them to the profile.

Use Live Chat, or message us using the Contact page with any queries.