An Artist’s Guide to The Model & Talent Industry

Am I Right For This Industry?

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If you are applying to an agency that deals primarily with modelling assignments, then the look of an applicant would be extremely important. They would need a clear complexion, good teeth, healthy/shiny hair, and the ability to perform well in front of camera.

If the agency deals with TV and model work, then their clients would generally be seeking ‘normal’ people, as well as those described above, of course. The client will remember those who are characterful and have something unique about them, for sure, but most clients look for all types to audition, or book. You only need to watch the television and look in magazines and leaflets today, to realise that they are full of ‘normal’ looking models and with younger models not the usual ‘chocolate box’ child that people expect to be selected. Therefore, those agencies that deal with both sides of the industry will normally state that they are looking for ‘normal’ looks, or that the ‘look’ of their models/artists is not important.

All parents must be available to accompany a child to auditions/shoots or be able to provide a suitable chaperone (relative, au pair etc.) to take them instead. Nowadays auditions are held online, but a legal guardian should still attend.

The main thing to consider, however, is that your child’s welfare is of utmost importance and not how much money they could potentially earn.

If your child is comfortable with strangers, adults, other children and in front of camera, then they would be a potential candidate for most child talent agencies, provided they have a place available on their books.

Almost everyone has a camera facility at home these days and so are photographed regularly at home. They are proudly uploaded onto various social media platforms and within minutes they are ‘liked’, shared and commented on by friends with comments like ‘isn’t he/she gorgeous’, ‘complete natural’, ‘you should get her/him into modelling’ etc. And so, then the journey begins….

Being photographed by a family member at home with a mobile phone, or taking a selfie is a far cry from a professional studio environment. The photographer will be a stranger to the artist, it’s a whole new environment, and there will be large flashlights and a huge black camera with possibly a team of people looking at them. This is precisely why any reputable agency should ideally test a potential photographic model, or only take on those with proven studio experience, especially a newcomer! There is no point registering with an agency when you have no idea how you or your child will react at in a studio. It is simply unfair on a child, and the client. Being a model/artist is serious business, but there are plenty of alternative paths they can take in life. A parent’s job is to decide which is best for ‘them’, and likewise, our job as agent is to decide which children are best for ‘us’ and our clients.

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