An Artist’s Guide to The Model & Talent Industry

Getting to auditions/assignments?

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Auditions are usually held online, or by self-tape (video) and sometimes a ‘live’ audition will be required before final decisions are made. It should be remembered that clients will not pay an audition fee, so travel costs are at the expense of the artist.


Some clients provide transport; some will reimburse artists in cash on the day, whilst others will expect the agency to invoice for travel expenses along with any other fees to their company, upon completion of the assignment.

On the occasion where an artist needs to travel and has an early call time, the client will sometimes provide local accommodation. This is not applicable to all assignments, and you can still opt to travel on the day of the shoot if you prefer.

Where the assignment is on location abroad, tickets will be supplied to the artist directly, or be available to pick up from the relevant airline’s desk in the airport terminal.

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