An Artist’s Guide to The Model & Talent Industry

How do agencies assess?

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An agency will normally require that their models/artists live within easy travelling distance of their clients, although some agencies (Bizzy Agency included) have clients in more than one area. You will also be asked whether, or not, you would be prepared to travel, if expenses are met by the client.

Once your location has been established and accepted by the agency, they would then need to confirm that they do not have too many models/artists on their books with the same, or similar criteria to yours. An agency will always need to offer a selection of different models/artists to a client, usually all the same age and look, however, an agency does not need to have 100 models/artists all looking the same and of the same age. This would mean you being a ‘drop in a rainstorm’ and limit work for you.

No reputable agency should ever accept any applicant if they are not receiving client queries for their criteria. The final check that Bizzy Agency carry out, while assessing a new applicant, is always with our accounts dept. We look to establish that we have received for the past 12 months and therefore anticipate that we will receive for the next 12 months, ample client queries for the applicants’ criteria. There would be no point in accepting any person if there is no work for them. Although no agency can guarantee work, as they would not know what criteria would be required from the client until the brief arrives on their desks, a reputable agency will only accept an applicant if they feel that they would be an asset to their portfolio and then earn them commission by securing work. That would be the sole intention when accepting any new face, but the amount of work they receive would the decision of the client and not the agency, provided the agency is promoting them adequately.

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