An Artist’s Guide to The Model & Talent Industry

How do I get paid?

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Up until a few years ago, children were not paid a buyout, or usage fee when making a TV appearance.

A child will only be paid once the client has paid the agency. Most agencies will issue their clients with a 30-day invoice, as a matter of course, however, it should be remembered that some clients might take anything from 3-6 months to settle their account. This would be due to them waiting for payment themselves from the ‘ultimate client’, i.e. Pampers etc. Some clients are just very slow, or they may work to a 6-month accounting system. Whichever may be the case, if the child has not been paid then that would normally mean that the agency has not been paid either.

It is a legal requirement for any employment agency to hold a banking account specifically for clients only. This is called a ‘client call account’. All monies paid to the agency must be deposited through this account, with all payments paid to the model being issued against that account. This was brought into place to enable regulatory bodies, such as the DTI, to assess their figures and subsequently ensure that the agency is not withholding any payments from their models.

If you are with a legitimate agency, then you can be sure that they are working to those guidelines.

Once a client has settled their account, the agency will send payment to the parent (usually by online BACS payment and to the child).

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