An Artist’s Guide to The Model & Talent Industry

What are an agency’s obligations to me?

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A reputable agency will only offer an artist a place on their books if they feel they could secure work for them. The obligation to the artist would be to promote them adequately and professionally, uphold their policies to that artist and to ensure that the standards, in place at the time of joining, are maintained.

Parents/artists should always read an agency's terms and conditions before joining and keep copy to refer to should it be necessary.

Parents/artists should be aware that they may be called to audition at short notice (sometimes the next day) and that they should inform the agency of any dates they cannot work. Sometimes an agency can work for weeks behind the scenes to secure a job for an artist. If they are booked by the client, as a direct result of the hard work and negotiating of the booker, and the artist is then unavailable, this will be frowned upon by the agency and put them in a difficult situation with the client.

No agency can guarantee work to an artist. It is preposterous to assume that any agency can tell the likes of Burberry whom they will be booking for their next campaign, or indeed a film director. The agency simply submits their artists and then waits patiently to be called. We are in competition with other agencies as much as the artists are. Any agency that guarantees work to its artists should be avoided for this reason.

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