An Artist’s Guide to The Model & Talent Industry

What are my obligations to an agency?

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Models/artists and especially parents of younger aged children, should regularly update their agency with new details and photographs, in order that the agency can update your portfolio. All agencies have their own policies.

You should always arrive to a shoot or audition with clean hair and clothes and take along something to keep occupied. There can sometimes be long gaps in-between shoots, or before you are called. Children can become bored very easily and need to be stimulated to keep them interested and happy.

A parent/artist should always remember that they are representing the agency that they are registered with. Inappropriate behaviour, language, or similar, displayed in front of or directed to any client, other parent/child, or about the agency they are with, would result in that person being excluded from the agency without negotiation. A model/artist should never complain if there is a delay. A delay would not be deliberate, it would mean they are not running to time and your patience could possibly determine the outcome of your audition.

All agencies will have their own policies in place and a parent should hold copy of those policies before joining. As companies vary from one to another, all parents/artists should carefully read those policies, ensure that they can uphold what is asked of them and only then should they accept the offer of joining.

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