An Artist’s Guide to The Model & Talent Industry

What do I do if my application is declined?

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If an applicant is declined, it would not be because there is anything ‘wrong’ with them, but because the agency does not have a place available on their books, their location is not suitable, or their criteria is not in demand. Clients request models/artists of all nationalities all the time, so skin colour or ethnicity would not be an issue, nor would hair colour. The decision made by the agency would be final and be based upon their professional opinion, following their full assessment procedures having been completed.

If one agency is unable to offer you a place, that may not necessarily mean that you are not suitable for another agency, as agencies do have different client demands to meet. You should therefore apply to another, always remembering to again do their checks on the agency before sending their application.

If you are declined by several bona fide agencies, then be careful not to fall into the trap of joining ‘any’ agency, just because they will accept you. Being declined does not mean that there is something wrong with you but may mean that your ‘look’ is simply not in demand for them at that particular time.

It is far better to be declined by a good agency, than accepted by a bad one!

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