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What is a licence and does my child need one?

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In accordance with the Children’s & Young Persons Act (1963) and the Children’s (performance) Regulations Act of 1968, all children, including babies, and those still in compulsory full-time education MUST be issued a licence when being involved in any form of paid work.

These laws are in place to protect the child and every agency will need to apply for a licence before any child on their books works.

Some agencies will instruct the parents to apply for a licence themselves, however, it can be such a complicated business that we, at Bizzy Agency, take the onus from the parent and do them as a matter of course. We have a dedicated department for this.

The Rules and Laws are printed below in brief; however, a reputable agency will know these inside out and always ensure that their children are employed in accordance with those laws.

Up until recently, ‘blanket’ licences were issued (a licence which covered a child for a 6, or 12mth period), however, new legislation was then introduced, which prevented council’s from issuing them to children. This has resulted in an agency having to apply for a licence each time a child is confirmed by a client. Part One of the application form is completed by the production company and requests client details, hours to be worked by the child, pay, location, times etc. These details would not be known by the agency until the child is booked, which is why an application cannot be submitted until they are booked for the job.

Parents should not really concern themselves with licencing issues, as they can be very confusing. A good agency will apply for a licence automatically when the child is booked, and all should be sorted without the parent even knowing anything about it. All they should do is ensure that they supply the agency with any supporting documents they ask for and promptly.

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