An Artist’s Guide to The Model & Talent Industry

What should I expect at an audition?

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All live auditions are conducted differently, depending upon the assignment and client. Most are conducted in a similar manner.

Upon arrival, artists are given a form to complete. This form requests the artists details (name, height, address etc. and full details of any previous assignments that they have secured in the previous 2 years, which is to establish experience and that they have not promoted any product that could conflict with that which they are auditioning for) together with the details of your agency. The client will then, most likely, take a snapshot, attach it to your completed form, and then pass it to the Director/Casting Director. The artist will then be called into the studio when they are ready.

Children who are not yet of walking age can be carried by the parent/chaperone; however, with those that are of walking age, the Casting Director will always prefer them to go in on their own where possible. Sometimes they will call the older children in groups of 2, or more, however, if needed on their own, they will come and collect them. Parents should always encourage their child to go in alone, where possible, as this shows confidence. It should also be remembered that most children would not perform to their highest potential with a parent present.

Auditions for children, unless a scripted part, are usually very simple, with the client asking a few questions and perhaps getting the child to do or say something, which would be relevant to the assignment, should they secure the part. They will not be expected to produce a performance as such, nor say or do anything that they are not capable of doing.

Clients that work with children must be good with children, or they would not achieve anything when auditioning. Auditions for children should be a pleasurable experience and treated as fun.

It should be remembered that artists would be representing the agency they are registered with whilst attending auditions, so they should always be on their best behaviour, although natural.

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