I am emailing to advise you that we will be emigrating to Australia on the 10th April. I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for the experience both Leyna and William has had with the agency. I do hope to sign both children up with an agency in Brisbane Australia which is where we are going. Thank you so much for fabulous photos, good jobs especially for Leyna and for always being so accommodating and friendly when arranging castings and jobs. I wish you all the best for the future. Best wishes. Beate, Leyna and William O

William and Leyna O


"We joined Bizzykidz when they first started out and were a very small company. They have become a huge concern since then, but have always managed to maintain that "personal touch" with each and every one of their parents. That would be largely down to the Director working around the clock and speaking to all of her parents directly I expect. Whatever the reason, keep up the good work. I am just disappointed that my two boys are too old to be with you anymore!"

Mrs Mcleod, Bedfordshire (parent to Ben & Tom)


My daughter had a wonderful time at her audition for Nickelodeon, she was made to feel completely at ease throughout. The casting people were excellent with her. I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Karen Miller, St Albans


We were registered for almost 10 months before my daughter got her first job. Not sure if lots of girls of similar age registered but upset of all the castings put forward for she has not been asked to go to any of them. I am regularly asked if my daughter models so surprised she hasn't received more work. I hope she will get another casting soon. I would like to say I am sure the staff are all busy trying to get everyone work. Thank you for all your hard work. Debi was very helpful thank you

Amanda Moffatt, Essex


After a while on the books our daughter Adaoha did her first shoot today for Santander! It was a brilliant day for her, with a busy couple of hours onset, but she loved it. The whole crew were amazing with her, keeping her engaged throughout, making it such a fun experience. They also put us in a cab home at the end. Thank you! Bizzykidz kept us up to date with info and details leading up to shoot, replying to messages within minutes, which was really reassuring. A wonderful day finished off with a babychino and marshmallows at a cafe near home! I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10!

Nwabu Chiwuoke-ugoala, Waltham Forest


"The level of commitment to their children by Bizzykidz is amazing. My booker has called me sometimes at weekends with audition details, and they are always very helpful when I have a query. My kids have done heaps of work, John Lewis catwalk show, Virgin Trains, Angelina Ballerina, countless commercials and even film parts, and even now I am still learning! keep up the good work"

Frank Hull, Essex (parent to Frankie, Aiston, Connor, Kai & Nevaeh)


Great communication! The guys at the office let us know what castings Franky has been put forward for (lots) and the 1st casting he did he got the job! Really enjoyed it! Everyone has been great! I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Karoline Taylor, Dover


I am so pleased Joseph is with such a professional agency. The amount of information and feedback is amazing!

Sonia K, Newcastle Upon Tyne (mum to Joseph)


I love the professional structure at bizzy kids. You know exactly we're you stand and everything always runs smoothly, all staff members work to a 10/10 level and always go that little bit extra to help you on a friend family level. Debi is great as sometimes I may not understand something and she always goes out of her way to help me x

Rebecca Jones, London


My girls have been with Bizzykidz for over 12 years. It is very reassuring to be registered with Bizzykidz. No false promises are made and I feel that the agency has a keen interest in ensuring that children are presented with regularity to their portfolio of clients. The agency have really got to know my children and have a good knowledge of their abilities and talents. Yemisin and Carine have grown up with Bizzykidz and are confident when going to assignments that they are represented by professionals that have ensured that they are presented in the best possible light before they present to the client. Thank you all.

Isy, Croydon


I cannot praise you guys enough. Especially Sadie who has helped Tallullah through the processes of castings and self tapes. She has also really helped me too as I'm a mother new to all this so haven't a clue! I can wholeheartedly say BK are wonderful and friendly. Honestly though all the staff are happy to help :) You can see they have every child's best interest at heart. If your child is thinking of trying the industry out then look no further than BizzyKidz I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Sam Meredith, Birmingham


Audition for Jason for Ensemble for Matilda the musical Tour. Instructions and directions for venue in Manchester were very clear. Staff at Bizzykidz answered queries about the audition and reported back to parent promptly by email. The casting officials kept everyone informed of events for the day and were happy to speak to parents. Well organised timings for the days events which went very smoothly. Jason was a little nervous as he has only recently started to attend castings/ auditions but after the first dance audition he was much more confident for the singing and acting sections. He was disappointed that he did not proceed to the 2nd audition in London but had a great experience. Thanks for the opportunity. I give Bizzykidz 9 out of 10 How likely are you to recommend Bizzykidz (1 lowest -10 highest)

Sarah Bailey, Cheshire


Hi all at bizzykidz I just wanted to thank you and tell you how proud i was on monday when i walked into sainsbury's and saw my daughter Ruby on a 5 ft board advertising for sports relief. It made my day and hers, so thank you all again x

Angie Crabtree - Mother to Ruby, Birmingham


Brilliant agency with very friendly knowledgeable staff. Daniella was fantastic with Cian when having his updates and Debi is always quick to respond to any questions I have regarding Cian's assignments I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10.

Holly Fenton, Surrey


We only over a year at bizzykids, and we have a very good experience with them. The reason I put 9 on my recommendation is only that we have had audition but are still hoping my daughter can get a booking or contract from a client. Other than that, bizzykids is amazing. The staff are very friendly and accommodating.

Urbe Domalaon, London


My son had his first job on Sunday shooting in a TV commercial. Bizzykidz were great with sorting out Jensen's licence and giving me all the details I needed. Everybody is always really polite helpful and quick to answer any questions we have. We are really thankful to everyone at Bizzykidz for giving our little man this opportunity. I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10 Laura & Jensen

Laura Harvey, Norfolk


Bizzykidz are an amazing agent. Very professional and do their very best to ensure your child is successful when being submitted for a casting. My son has been successful in being chosen for quite a few jobs including acting, modelling and music videos. It's fab having an agent as they do all the work for you. You just turn up to the auditions/jobs. All paperwork & licensing is arranged via bizzykidz so no stress for us parents. There are no yearly fees either. I wouldn't go to any other agent as bizzykidz are so polite, caring and professional. Debi is amazing. She works such long hours and ensures if your child fits a request then your child will always be submitted for that job. She makes sure all the relevant information is sent to you as soon as she receives it herself. She's amazing. I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10.

Lisa Gormley, London


Jessica-Mae has been registered with Bizzykidz for just over a year and has had some great experiences so far, everyone we have dealt with has been really friendly and helpful. She was recently cast in a commercial for a supermarket clothing line and absolutely loved the shoot. Jessica-Mae had her initial shots taken by Debi and her updates were taken by Sadie, they were both absolutely lovely and really put her at ease. I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Vicki Thompson, Surrey


Our experience with BizzyKidz has been nothing but positive. Within weeks of Orla being signed she was fortunate to get her first job. Being new to this industry can be quite daunting, however whenever we have had any queries the team at Bizzy HQ are always happy to help and give sound advice. They work so hard to promote each child. Thank you for giving Orla the opportunity to achieve her dreams x Debi & Sadie are always happy to give advice no matter how small the query. Sadie photographed Orla for her profile and made her feel at ease, lovely pictures! I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Claire Taylor, Kent


Amazing job! Hannah had an absolutely brilliant day. This is exactly what she likes as a model with photography etc too; she was talking comfort of the fit, the cut of clothing, how she could move, the look, prints etc. She loved all the ladies and man there. They were great with her. She was patient as they spoke and they were great at involving the kids. Thankyou!

Hannah Wright, River Island Model


Marla had a great day out at her audition. She loved the train journeys and enjoyed her audition, and meeting the lovely staff. I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Charlie Binns, Portsmouth


Bizzykidz are a very professional agency, good at communicating with us as parents and deals with queries in a very efficient manner. I give them 9 out of 10

Michelle Harrison, London


I wasn't sure about the whole "child modelling" scene, but the staff at Bizzykidz put me at ease right from the start. They really go the extra mile to make everyone part of the Bizzy family and ensure the kids have fun. When we went to their studios it was great to see them getting involved in what the kids do and that personal touch makes so much difference. I'm not surprised that they do so well in this business. Keep up the good work guys!

Helen V, Hampshire (mum to baby Jack B)


Just a quick message to say thanks so much for your work in getting Rosie and Daniel involved on such a great shoot yesterday. I won't deny it was a VERY long day (we had a very long rest period in middle of day) but was a great experience for both the children and myself. It was great seeing how both my children warmed to and responded well to their pretend mum and dad during the day. Felicity, the client was really lovely and both herself and Chloe made sure we were well looked after during the day. I was especially thankful of the arrangement of the parking space all day at the terminal - a privilege that I know not everyone on the shoot was given. Felicity actually commented to me on "how excellent" and "with it" the agency - that's you guys:-) are. Thanks again for a fabulous opportunity. Priscilla x

Priscilla Watts, Kingston Upon Thames


"The thing that impressed me most while with Bizzykidz, was when my mum couldn't take me to an audition. It was a big job, so Bizzykidz sent their chauffeur car to pick up all 5 models from different areas. That was really nice and as it was my first job and I was really worried, they made sure we all got there on time"

Danny Pashman, London (teenager)


We just returned from our first assignment and we had a very positive experience. Michael had a great time and there was zero stress. The team were friendly and helpful, and the pictures came out lovely. Thank you Bizzykidz for getting us this booking, and we look forward to more assignments like this. best wishes Natalie

Natalie, London (mum to baby Michael)


"my daughter has only been with you since november she is only 4months old and we think you are fantastic, when we came down for our photo shoot you were all so lovely to us. We then went on to have out first job in january and you were great at giving us all the details we needed and wishing us loads of luck. thank you for been great and looking forward to child model days when francesca is older".

Rachel & Stuart, Parents to Francesca S, Wakefield


Brilliant company, Kaylen has had a fair few submissions . Staff are all very friendly and welcoming, really on point on reply and forwarding information I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Katrina Price, Bedford


Maximilian was on set for a commercial and was made to feel special, with lovely make up ladies and enthusiastic runners, supplying endless sweeties and a chance to be on set with some directors / producers that are highly respected in the industry. Great opportunity, wonderful learning experience, surrounded by creative, vibrant and enthusiastic crew. Thanks for the support for Maximilian. Even his teacher said his schoolwork has improved since doing castings, as his confidence has grown. He entered himself for talent show at school for dancing and won! He is suddenly now this cool kid who can dance! So, I really do have a lot to thank you guys for and you should know that sometimes you have bigger impacts on their lives then even you know. As a parent, I am extremely happy with Bizzykidz, I have seen Maximilian's confidence soar. Even the castings that he didn't get, have still been wonderful experiences and have had a positive impact. Its just as important to be gracious in defeat as it is be proud but humble, in success. The children in this industry get treated exceptionally well and Bizzykidz work hard to provide all our children these wonderful moments, that will stay with them for life. All staff have been great, in their respective roles. Daniella, is a superbly talented photographer who is great with kids. Debi and the bookings team, keep us well informed and are always so on the ball and helpful and James, in licencing is super quick and again, polite and helpful. Debi really has a lovely team and I feel like they are all doing the best they can to provide the kids with amazing opportunities. We intend to stay with Bizzykidz for a long time, as its been nothing but positive and Maximilian is super happy !! I give them 10 out of 10!

Estelle Soper, Redbridge


Bizzykidz is always my first port of call when casting kids. Fiona Watson

Fiona Watson, Street Cast (Client)


Thank you SO much for always being so easy, helpful and more importantly for always sending me BRILLIANT families. You really are the easiest and best kids agent to deal with.



Bizzykidz staff are very helpful. My child really enjoyed her client photo shoot. And the best part is she had a good time and earned loads of friends! I give Bizzykidz 9 out of 10.

Shelia Mae Flores, Bradford


When our 6 year old daughter told us that she wanted to try modelling, we were really nervous. You hear so many horror stories about the modelling industry and we just didn't know how to find a good agency. We did some research and found Bizzykidz who had an excellent and informative guide for parents that really helped us feel more at ease. Being a perfectionist, Kate got really nervous at her audition but the team at Bizzykidz went out of their way to calm her down. She soon got into the swing of things and was accepted! Kate was delighted and now after a few months, she loves going to Bizzykidz studios and seeing the team! In November, she attended the Child Modelling Academy. In just one day, she learned so much and we were so impressed to see what she could do by the end of the day. The team at Bizzykidz are second to none, Kate loves it and we feel happy and secure in the knowledge that she's in good hands. We couldn't recommend them highly enough!

Jay Neaves, Essex, (mum to Katie Neaves)


My son Jarvis has been with the agency for 10 months. Bizzykidz are a very professional agency. I highly recommend them they have been great for Jarvis, each casting has been an enjoyable experience. Dawn is constantly putting him up for casting and working hard I can honestly say they are a very good at what they do. Debi has always been our point of contact and she has been great very professional I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Claire Monk, Hertfordshire


"I have been with 2 other agencies and none were as friendly as Bizzykidz. They are always on hand to give advice and are very helpful with directions, train times and instructions for auditions they go beyond the call of duty, taking the time to explain the ins and outs of the industry when necessary. I would recommend them to anyone!"

Jo Smith, Bedfordshire (parent to Angel)


Ria had her 1st casting/audition yesterday. The studio was easy to find and when we arrived we were made very welcome and comfortable. The people were lovely and were brilliant with ria and she really enjoyed herself. Thanks bizzykidz???? I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Lesley Bdesha, Essex


Bizzykidz is a good and legitimate company. They got us a job within 2 months of joining, but there doesn't tend to be jobs often. We haven't been with them for that long so keeping my fingers crossed Knowing that the model industry is very competitive. I won't mention names. I think all the staff members are great. They are quick in respond to e-mails and answers questions quick through their live chat. Keep up the good work bizzykidz. 8 out of 10

Doris, London


Firstly a big "THANK YOU" for the great job you and your staff do all year round. Bookings, e-mailing parents, keeping Facebook up to date with all the information, competitions - the list never ends. You are truly amazing. I have now concluded that you must be at least ten persons in one doing the amount of work you do. The best part is - you enjoy it, your dedication to the parents and children is amazing. You are one in a million - glad we are signed up with you. Your advice is genuine - you care so much!

Shirley Dorsett, Mum of Juliana & Laura, Bedfordshire


Debi and her fantastic team have always pulled out all the stops. ... from a photo shoot to a Child Model Academy day, my daughter just loves it all. We were informed about her first ever casting at the age of 4, had a great time shooting a fab film when she was 5, and now a few years later feel we are part of a very caring family.

Anna H, Surrey, (mum to Lucy H)


The company has grown since we first joined. It is a delight to see that the professionalism has been maintained even with the growth of the business. The communication is clear and done in a very timely manner always followed through with please and Thank you. I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Ahlisha Tucker, London


Client Work: We have a client shoot, was fun for one part and other one not nice. We wait for the shoot 6 hours, not very good idea for kids, because they had the shoot and then the kids wait more hours but at least people in the shoot was nice with us , still was a good experience. Agency: All the people in Bizzykidz are very nice, always they give us all the information what we need, I'm very happy with the agency

Natalia Delmastro, London


Skylar-Bleu absolutely loves the staff she's met so far at BizzyKidz and so do me and her dad! In such a short time they have worked so hard for her already! I've always respected the work they do and now even more so that my daughter is apart of the BK family! Cannot wait for my little girl to get more work and neither can she. I will always be grateful to them! At the moment they are a solid 10 out of 10! We've only met Daniella twice and skylar-bleu already talks about her back home. She's a lovely lady and we wish her all the best when her little one comes along! Sadie is also lovely, we met her for the first time on Monday and she is such a character! Skylar thought she was hilarious!

Sloane Scott, London


Mum to Kamari. Bizzykidz is an agency I highly recommend for the simple fact they are one to only take children on board that have the potential to get chosen for work, unlike many other agencies that will just take your money and not consider if the child is suitable or not, another positive is that they have a very big client base which increases your child's chance in getting work. I give them 10 out of 10.

Zoe Bales, Kent


Kavali had a lovely time at her casting, we were made to feel extremely welcome and cannot wait to see if she has been picked all in all great experience I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Kathleen Ali, Birmingham


Luke has been with Bizzykidz since 2008 and has has plenty of work. He had a part in Spooks, a BBC1 series, has had several still shoots and appeared in 2 TV idents and promotional videos. We had a break for a while because of schooling and returned to them. The staff are very helpful and professional. They know all the children and put them forward whenever the right brief or assignment comes up. It has a family feel that makes children and adults alike feel at ease. I can't rate Bizzykidz highly enough!

Rita Tzortzis, Cobham, Surrey (mum to Luke T)


My son has been with the agency for 6 months . He's had a few castings and completed 2 bookings successfully. The clue really is in the name . They stay bizzy! I look forward to a continued positive relationship with bizzykidz . Highly recommended. ???? Debi is good at what she does - booking kids for suitable projects . She gives feedback when asked and maintains a decent level of communication. Look forward to meeting her in the near future.

Abi Adeyemi, Kent


My daughter has been with Bizzykidz for 10 yrs. Here is a run down on our latest assignment with them. I was notified by Bizzykidz that Ayesha had been invited to a casting in Farringdon in London on Friday 24th Nov. It was with the agency who are working on a BT internet re branding campaign. When we arrived Ayesha was asked to sit on a sofa and play TV games with a remote whilst they took some pictures. 10mins later we were on our way home. The following week we were told Ayesha had been penciled in for the final shoot and the licence team took over. I was asked to supply the filled in forms to apply for the licence . The forms are all easily found on the website and supplied by Bizzykidz which makes it so easy. The process started. It is great that all this side of the business is done by Bizzykidz in the background. We were then informed the shoot was on Wed 13th Dec in Streatham in a private house. Unfortunately as often happens this was not confirmed until 5pm the day before. So not much notice due to the client not having the call sheet ready for Bizzykidz to send out.This is always a challenge as we have to travel down from Norfolk and I prefer to plan in advance. Nevertheless we had planned to be at the shoot and arrived as requested at 12pm. We let the train take the strain! On arrival there was a team of 12 strong all working on the shoot in this lovely big old house. We we made to feel welcome and given drinks and a lovely hot food meal. They were running a little late from the morning so the shoot didn't get started again until 1pm and ran through to 4pm. It was interesting to see the role everyone played from make up to wardrobe to lighting to creative to final output. Ayesha had to do a number of poses using the internet in the bedroom and then in the kitchen with the ipad etc. She really enjoyed the day. On the way home I filled in the final JOB RECORD required on the website so Bizzykidz knew Ayesha had attended and completed the shoot.All in all a successful gig! The agency even said they would provide us with some of the selected shots taken. Bizzykidz guide you very easily through the whole process. My only thought as a room for improvement would be notification that the final JOB RECORD had been received. I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10.

Elaine Kamara, Norfolk


The agency is very good and the thing I admire the most is its diverse culture.There staff are very welcoming I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Maseray Turay, London


Debi who did the workshop engaged the kids effectively, keeping in mind the fun element for them (and the parents). She was a smiling personality, very committed and passionate. The whole team were courteous, organised and dedicated to be there on a Sunday afternoon. The session was planned out to be productive and various aspects of modeling dealt with. I was most impressed overall. Thank you

Dr Bela Treon Sharma


I have found it very easy to work with everyone I have been involved with at the agency. This was especially reflected on our last assignment for a TV commercial.My question were answered pretty quickly. It was easy to work with one person as they understood the position where we were at instead of working with many different agency bookers. The service overall was good. The only thing that I can add is that it would be very helpful to know the fees before undertaking an assignment as this will help you decide if it is worth all the arrangements you might need to make to ensure your child attends the cast or shoot. Apart from that, all info was spot on! I give Bizzykidz 8 out of 10

Christine Black-Nyaga, London


My daughter Aaliyah recently took part in filming for a tv commercial thank you to bizzykidz. She enjoyed every minute and i was really impressed with how friendly everyone was. A wonderful first time filming experience for Aaliyah. Debi always responds to my emails promptly. I give Bizzykidz 8 out of 10

Lindsey Andrews, London


Thankyou bizzykidz excellent communication easy to follow instruction to auditions loving the whole experience. Everyone I have spoken to has been great! I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Stephanie Goodall, Kent


We love being with BizzyKidz thanks for having us. The booker & photographer Daniella took Rocco's portfolio test shoot and was photographer on his first paid shoot. She's so friendly and great with kids.

Amee Townsend, Bromley


Based on my experience with bizzykidz i can say that they are very helpful, hardworking staff to promote my child all the time. They give their 100 percent support. I am very happy with their service. Miss Debi...she the best, she assists me all the time...you're one of a kind! I give them 10 out of 10 and recommend them.

Aiko, London


Kahmall's experience at Bizzykidz studios was the BEST. Daniella made him feel so comfortable and happy that he achieved the best he could. The staff are amazing they are so warm and welcoming. Thank you so much xx

Annika & Kahmall


Had Kaitlyn's first casting today, lovely people there and she really enjoyed it. I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Sue Tennant, Croydon


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Joe for yesterday. He did Jocilyn's updates and was so good with her. He said we would get the updates in 5 days and by 7pm last night they were emailed over. Absolutely brilliant service thank you!

Carly O'Hanlon, Dorset


We have working and being part of the Bizzykidz family. Our head booker is amazing, always informative and know what we need to do! Agency is great, I know they are very busy, which is great! Always lovely to see one of my two children being casted :) I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10 for a great service!

Melanie Chujor, Kent


Stephanie had a wonderful day at the client. She was a bit nervous but when we arrived at the studio, she felt at ease. Everything went well. Bizzykidz provided all the necessary tips needed. Great company, helpful and polite staffs. Good customer relationship. I give them 9 out of 10

Helen Ikechukwu, Birmingham


Bizzykidz is a very friendly and personal agency. Despite having lots of children on their books, their service to each parent is amazing! As a new parent to this, I didn't know about the business and so relied on staff to answer some silly questions of mine, however nothing is ever too much for them. Even had the director email me past working hours!! Tommy has been successful in being booked for repeat garment fittings and although he has not had any castings yet, Bizzykidz are honest in telling you it is a business where the clients decide. We enjoy going for photo updates and think it is really good how they are assessed on these photoshoots to ensure the agency is the right one for the child. Their new chat feature online is such a great way of gaining advice quickly too! Debi- never known a director to have so much of a personal touch with clients! Bookers- nothing is too much when asking about bookings! Daniella & Joe- great rapport with children when go for photo shoots! Sadie- having the patience of a saint when I have talked to her on numerous occasions through the chat feature about licensing, job booking forms, updating profile etc etc!

Danielle Daley. Chelmsford


My sons Trey & Tyler have been registered with Bizzykidz around 6yrs in total (left the agency and rejoined over a year ago) Bizzykidz are great! I feel that my boys are in safe hands with the right agency working on their behalf finding the most suitable jobs for them. Always keen to out us forward for assignments and always so positive about the boys abilities! Debi - no matter how large the agency has become she has kept quite a personal touch with us and the boys, forming a great relationship. Sadie - she has been taking photos of the boys since they were babies and her enthusiasm also brings out the best in them! I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Eleanor Wright, Croydon


My 3 daughter's have only been with Bizzykidz for about 6months but so far I have been pleased with them. Unfortunately so far only my twins have had work but I do understand this is the nature of the business & appreciate all the lightbox confirmations I receive. My booker has always been very helpful, although every member of staff I have had contact with has been very polite and helpful.

Carly Moncrieff, Essex


Sienna had a fantastic time at her client shoot. A great opportunity for her provided by BizzyKidz. Bookers are always prompt and helpful with any queries. I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Natalie Reeve, London


Just want to say how professional and efficient as well as friendly the team at Bizzykidz are! We've just come back from an audition and it all went super smoothly thanks to all the advice and tips given. Thank you so much! I give them 10 out of 10

Karin Boulos


We have loved being with bizzykidz. They made my son feel comfortable and confident not only in front of the camera but this carried through into every day life. They're extremely professional and follow through with everything they say. We've been given some huge opportunities and loved participating in them. I really cannot fault them, thank you and keep doing what youre doing. Definitely an agent you can trust with your children. Debi did a great photo shoot with my son, she let him give her a neck massage ????. Danielle was amazing with my daughter, upbeat and happy. I give them 10 out of 10

Kylie Wyatt, Cambridgeshire


Bizzykidz are a professional, helpful, great agency and I have recommended you to others. Daniella in particular, when having updates done she was so good with Scarlett getting the best out of her. I give BK 9 out of 10

Danielle Humphries, Gravesham


Always a pleasure working with Bizzykidz. You always receive a friendly and professional service, they are amazing with the children, passionate about their work and highest quality photos and service. Loving Bizzykidz! Debi, Debi and Sadie are who we normally see and they are fantastic at what they do. The children always enjoy their visits to the studio and have a good time! If they had their way they would be in every week!

Sian Lord-Baptiste, London


We have been very pleased with the communication and assignments Freya has been put forward for. When we went to the client studios the staff were helpful and friendly a relaxing experience. Everyone at Bizzykidz has been very helpful and informative. I give them 10 out of 10

Victoria Russell, Hertfordshire


We are absolutely delighted with our Bizzykidz journey so far. Since joining in April 2016, Alfie has had nearly 40 auditions, which has led to five amazing jobs, one of which involved two exciting trips to Zurich! We are grateful for all the opportunities and support the staff have given to Alfie - signing up with Bizzykidz has literally changed his life, and he is loving every minute! Daniella was lovely at both photo sessions, and Debi, Sadie and the social media team have all made us feel very much part of the BK family. Rating 10 out of 10

Sophie C - Mother of Alfie C. London


I just wanted to say, I couldn't fault Bizzykidz at all! I've been with them for a few months now and have just seen my baby girl in her first catalogue. I couldn't be prouder! She had another casting today, so fingers crossed. Bizzykidz are friendly, helpful and they work hard to get our little ones out there. They keep us up to date with what they are up to and having spoken to other mums with other agencies, I can safely say Bizzykidz is the best value for money and the best at what they do :) Keep up the good work Bizzykidz :) xx

Sam & Eleanor Oakley - London


Terrel had a shoot for Sainsbury's TU Halloween TV commercial and we found it was a really fun experience. The directors gave Terrel clear instructions to follow and Terrel responded well to this. This made the process go quicker then expected and got the job done to a high standard. Emails are always easy to follow from Bizzykidz Agency and explained well. Communication is always really good with all the staff. I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Sherrilyn Speid, Essex


I recommend Bizzykidz to any parent and child looking to sign up with an agency. They are very professional and have lots of job opportunities on their books, they keep you informed and up to date with submissions and auditions at all time. I give them 10 out of 10

Gemma Smith, Romford


We recently went and had my daughter Honey's yearly update photos done and everyone is always really friendly and professional.

Trena Edwards, London


Roman registered with Bizzykidz in January 2018. We attended the headquarters studio to have his first pictures taken and to see how he interacted with the camera. The staff were very friendly and made us feel welcomed. They were able to answer all questions we had and were also honest in terms of whether work load. Roman had his very first casting / addition in February 2018. The communication between staff prior to the casting and leading to the casting was very helpful. The actual casting was a good experience and Roman enjoyed it very much . I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Chenola Samuels, Croydon


Matthew has had lot fun with bizzykidz and his confidence has grown. We have a very happy confident child, who has done two tv adverts.Had a fabulous time filming them both. Bookers very quick and helpful when I need help. I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10

Nicola King, Cardiff


We all had a really fun and energetic shoot on Saturday for TESCO Mobile. We tested some great apps that include singing (my singing was awful) ????), language, music, 7 mins workout, etc. The filming crew, Roxy and Sara were very welcoming and helpful. We were well looked after and had lots to eat and drink too. Such fun and loads of laughter. I'm impressed by all Bizzykidz staff especially head booker and James, they are so efficient and reliable. I give Bizzykidz 10 out of 10! Thank you Bizzykidz, from the Bush family xx

Bibi Bush, London


Had a great time at the casting today, it was Connies 1st time and she was made to feel really comfortable. We have been registered a while and this was our first audition, obviously your child isnt suited for every role but not really had any experience when it came to castings. I give Bizzykidz 8 out of 10

Leanne Hart, Liverpool


Hattie had the time of her life at Bizzy studios for her filming assignment, she loved every minute and having her make up done was the icing on the cake! I as a parent was made to feel so welcome there and loved watching the kids performing. Cant wait until the next visit to BK studios! Thanks Bizzykidz!!

Susan Patterson, Brighton (mum to Hattie)